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FEMA Emergency Alert


This video revealed by a U.S. Senator warned of MERS corona virus in 2013, riots and foreign troops on American soil. Now there's the crash-burn-steal riots of 2020.


This was disturbing news of FEMA purchases and preparations for mass rioting, notices to government agencies, distributions to school children and other disaster emergencies. You may find it and (the then-secret information on our leaders hideaway) disturbing, or as many subscribers have said, "interesting, informative" and "timely" in 2020.


Information follows the video and we invite your comments (below) on coping with today's COVID-19.

6 minutes


Our leaders are (and should be!) focused on disaster survival for themselves. First, we thought you'd like to know about the Denver International Airport... Video reveals the controversy surrounding the airport's foreign symbols, statues, and artwork. We promise it will make you wonder about our "Eastern" allies.


Then, from DIA, a quick trip by helicopter takes VIP and military leaders to the underground refuge known as Cheyenne Mountain. The size of Manhattan, it is "the most fortified military installation in North America."


Built during the 1960s cold war, it is 2000 feet below ground. The 2020 internet has been scrubbed of references to the super-secret military and political command center but Dr. Lee told readers about the Denver's elite "underground city" and they must have missed this article...


The Cheyenne Mountain facility became fully operational as the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) in 1967. Oh? You didn't know that? Read on...


In late 2020 we are coping with nightly rioting, the COVID-19 virus from China and political problems in the Middle East and North Africa. If things worsen our leaders will be flying in to Denver and from there, literally going underground in Cheyenne Mountain... We say "take a lesson" and be prepared to feed and defend your family in these once again, uncertain times.

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