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Ear Cropping, Tail Docking and Breed Type


View cropped ears, docked tails, and breed type video, then COMMENT on how you feel about the procedure and about anti-crop/dock legislation.


The 1st video starts out slow but you can fast forward to view examples of actual tail damage to the happiest dogs...


Click in center of video to pause or re-start, hit refresh or F5 to stop player or re-watch. Video loading...few more seconds.

3 1/2 minutes


Association For The Preservation Of Purebred Dogs - Educational video on why tail docking, ear cropping and/or dewclaw removal is necessary in some breeds

5 1/2 minutes


Another excellent video addresses cropping and docking in a viewer friendly style.

under 2 minutes


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COMMENT below on how you feel about the procedure and about anti-crop/dock legislation? 


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