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"Seeing is believing" and especially when there is so much video footage of the "rare" Chupacabra.  The strange dog-like creature has been filmed by doctors, veterinarians, and ranchers so why does mainstream media refuse to cover Chupacabra news?  See the legendary "goat sucker" with your own eyes.


The Chupacabra is a fairly recent phenomenon.  Scientists discover new species every year but they are usually found in the deep jungles, not in the United States!  In 1995, veterinarians and the news media finally began to reveal America's own mystery animal.  Turns out, the Chupacabra is fairly common, as shown in these photos and videos.  From Maryland to Texas to West Coast ranchlands, watch for this creature and keep your video camera handy!


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under 8 minutes


Hospital workers in Maryland kept seeing this Chupacabra.  He lived in the small wooded area just outside the hospital where they gathered for smoke breaks. They caught him on video several times, then decided to trap him so they could clearly photograph the strange creature.  They succeeded and here's the East Coast chupacabra, up close and personal, followed by more clear footage of one hunting, and close up video of one that was killed.


4 minutes


Excellent close-ups of a Chupacabra professionally mounted by a taxidermist.  The crowd is amazed by the extraordinary detail and the never-before-seen circular calloused "pads" on his buttocks.  You can fast-forward about one minute into the video footage, past the "archeologist" so you don't miss those details.


The translation of Chupacrabas is "goat sucker" because he was once reputed to drain his prey's blood but that sensational story was based on scant evidence.  There is a field of cryptozoology, study of reported but unproven existence of weird animals but this ugly dog-like creature doesn't qualify - the goat-sucker's existence is well proven!


4 1/2 minutes


Several sites suggest that the chupacabra is a mutated species created in Plum Island Research or CIA labs and that one way or the other, the creatures escaped and multiplied, passing on their grafted-together genetics.


Other theories suggest that they are mutated coyotes that were exposed to White Sands nuclear weapons testing. Click to read more on The Chupacabra - Westminster's Next Rare Breed? EST 1998 © Feb 2014 rev1705



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