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Take a short walk down memory lane, Saturday afternoon westerns and the best in dog training, then COMMENT as you enjoy the music and short video.


Many of you, thanks to learning through your dogs, will appreciate this. Some of you will remember when a quarter would get you in the double-feature movie, buy popcorn, candy, and a soda pop… Even as children we were drawn to animals, especially dogs and horses. Being lucky enough to own a dog, many of us went on to become dog breeders, dog trainers, and even dog show judges.


Time moves on in the “real” world. If you are under 30, used to twitter and facebook, you have probably clicked out… already too many words. But if you are a parent, an educator, or a politician, take heed. (you might want to play this background music as you read)


You can no longer monitor what teenagers see and hear but you can still control input in your younger children. If you love animals and find ultimate truth in a dog, have you ever mentioned that to your kids? Our staff is curious. You can answer below but first, think about this…


The Roy Rogers Museum in Branson, MO closed its doors but here are a few treasures for your memory bank. Trigger was bred on a farm owned by Bing Crosby. Roy bought the spectacular palomino horse on a time payment plan for $2,500.


Roy Rogers and Trigger made 188 movies together and the magnificent palomino actually won an Oscar in the movie Son of Paleface in 1953. Trigger lived 33 years (died in 1965) but he lives on in the memories of a dwindling number of movie-goers.


Watch the VIDEO clip below and understand why Roy and Trigger were legends in the real world! {1}


Trigger's saddle and bridle sold this year for $386,500 and a set of spurs went for $10,625. The spurs were just for the cowboy image, Roy Rogers never use spurs on his palomino horse Trigger. Trigger (stuffed) sold for $266,500. His saddle and bridle sold for $386,500 and a painting of Roy, Dale, Pat, Buttermilk, Trigger and Bullet (his German Shepherd Dog) sold for $10,625. Dale's horse, Buttermilk sold below the presale estimate for $25,000.


Bullet (stuffed) sold for $35,000 although the estimated price was only $10-15,000. The German Shepherd Dog was their real pet in real life. Bullet starred as their devoted companion in 100 episodes (1951-1957) of The Roy Rogers Show. It appears that Roy and Dale trained Bullet themselves as there is no record of the German Shepherd Dog having a trainer.


A collection of memorabilia from Roy Rogers’ shows during the years when he entertained the troops in Vietnam sold for $938. Did you know he did that before it became ‘the thing to do’? Roy Rogers was a genuinely “good” person, a deeply devoted Christian. The Bible they used at the dinner table every night sold for $8,750.


If you lived during the heyday of western movies, The Yearling, and Lassie, your kids might remember the values that made this country great. A time when animals were often the stars and always portrayed as Man’s Best Friend. You might even remember when we were taught love of country, the Pledge Of Allegiance, and cursive.


If so I’ll bet you didn’t know that most other people who read this far, don’t know what “cursive” is!


Our staff, some of whom are “over 50”, wish you a life of freedom and “Happy Trails”. To help us all enjoy the trip, tell us the ONE thing your dog has taught you or given to you that changed your life.


{1} Roy and Trigger show off in this VIDEO clip EST 1998 © 1812



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