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Cyril the Puppy AKA Dances with Toys

by Cyril and typist Maureen Cole


Cyril here. It’s about time for my after-breakfast nap, but Mommy said you wanted to hear about how I usually spend my day so here goes.


Well, I sleep up in the big bed with Mommy and Daddy, under the covers. It’s all squishy and soft and I like to sleep curled up against Mommy’s tummy or down by Daddy’s feet. When it’s time to get up, I poke my head out from under the covers and Mommy shrieks “There’s a puppy in the bed!” After that Mommy says that I need to get up to do my business. So she carries me outside and tells me what a good puppy I am when I make a pee pee.


Then Mommy plays with her clothes and I do my best to help with that. For some reason, she always picks up one of my toys and explains that “this is a toy” (well, duh!) and that toys are what puppies are supposed to play with, not clothes. But I say anything can be a puppy toy if a puppy has a good enough imagination! I wag “okay” and then we have breakfast.


After that Mommy sits down at her computer, puts my blanky on her lap and lifts me up for my morning nap. I get all comfy and Mommy tells me what a sweet puppy I am and I give her lovey-dovey eyes and kisses and fall asleep.


Sometimes, though, delivery guys bring boxes; so I have to get up and bark and inspect the boxes. The boxes themselves are pretty fun but there’s also wrapping paper and bubble wrap and chunks of styrofoam. One time there was this really long piece of cellophane that was great fun to run around the house with because it made this crinkly sound when it flapped. Sometimes, the boxes even have treats and toys just for me!


After my nap, Mommy and I go outside and play with plants. She calls it gardening. Sometimes, she picks flowers. The ones I like best are roses because she gives me one to play with and I bite the thorny things. Then she goes up on the veranda with a book and I jump up on the chaise lounge and sit with her in the sun. It’s fun up there because I can see way out into the woods and bark at all the squirrels and even a great big deer sometimes.


Another thing that is fun is when Mommy takes a shower and I curl up on a towel by the bath tub and take another nap, well, when Mommy isn’t making up silly songs about me. Then, I help her dry off by grabbing that towel thing and shaking it good!


Lunchtime! I get good treats but I always do my tricks first. Mommy says I’m really smart. I take a short nap and then afterwards, she says I need to go outside and she throws my frisbee and a bouncy ball for me. Of course, I bring other toys outside with me so they don’t feel left out. I especially like my turkey and this fuzzy little squeaky thing Mommy thinks is a chicken but it doesn’t taste like chicken. Oh, and my monster frog now that I’m big enough to throw it around and make it rattle.


[Note from Mommy: Cyril has two huge baskets of toys inherited from former dogs. One of his first acts as a puppy was to methodically unpack all the baskets and then put his favorite toys in his dog beds, except for the squeaky beaver which he carefully deposited in his kitchen water bowl.]


Anyway, in this picture I’m demonstrating the correct way to place a bouncy ball on a frisbee. As you can see, it is very important to get it centered properly, requiring quite a bit of dexterity on my part. After it is in position, I carefully pick the frisbee up and if I do it just right, sometimes the ball stays on the frisbee! My record so far is one whole second before the ball fell off but I keep working on it.


I discovered how to carry other toys but the ball is the most challenging so, that’s what I like to concentrate on. Playing chase with two bouncy Chuckit balls is what I call a real sport, right up there with lizard chasing and bumble-bee wrestling. Would you believe, Mommy actually threw my very first Chuckit ball into the rose bed? I had to pretend to be a retriever and she laughed at that.


Having worked up an appetite, I usually chew on a marrow bone while Mom is doing things like picking up my toys (Why? She knows I’m just going to get them out again!). Sometimes she gets the fearsome vacuum cleaner, which I was scared of when I was a little puppy because it was so big and made such a loud noise, but then I noticed that my big sister, Bambi, ignored it and went into another room to get away from the noise. So, now that I’m a big puppy, I just go to another room and wait patiently until the vacuuming is over.


On the other hand, when Mom is in the kitchen, I like to stick close by because she is a klutz and nearly always drops something yummy on the floor. Of course, if she drops something that isn’t good for puppies, I let her clean it up. To be fair, it isn’t only Mommy who has butterfingers; lots of times Daddy drops stuff, too.


And that brings me to the most exciting part of my day. It’s almost time for Daddy to come home and I’ve got the best Daddy in the whole world!


As soon as I hear Daddy’s car on the driveway, and she says, “It’s Daddy!", I jump off Mommy’s lap, yipping a greeting and run to the door to let him in. And then Daddy says, “How’s my Tiny-boy?” and crouches down to give me pets while I give him kisses, and then he says, “Was he a good Tiny-boy today?” Which always make Mommy laugh. Sometimes Daddy brings home bags of food, too, which is extra exciting! I’m very good about helping them put the food away.


Then I follow Daddy to the bathroom to help him change clothes and make sure he doesn’t get lost. And, then, we all hang out in the living room and Daddy and Mommy sit there and talk while I try to enliven things by demonstrating how to play with all my toys.


Afterwards, Daddy goes up to the office and sits down at the desk with his computer and I get to sit in his lap. Then he comes down again and we all have dinner. I get a raw chicken wing or sometimes giblets, and then I get to clean the people plates. Mommy and Daddy are really good cooks and Daddy always gives me a sample of what they’re having unless Mommy says it wouldn’t be good for little dogs. Mommy always reminds him to make me sit and do tricks before he gives it to me, but Daddy forgets most of the time. Anyway, Daddy is my favorite person in the whole world!


Mommy and Daddy read books or look at stuff on the computer until bedtime but sometimes, they let me watch a movie with them. So I either curl up on the ottoman by Daddy’s feet with a blanky or sit on Mommy’s lap with a blanky, and afterwards we all go to bed, and I get under the covers and go to sleep.


The end.


Cyril the Puppy (aka, Tiny-boy, His Tiny-ness, Cyril-No!, Mr. Puppy, The Sweetest Puppy in the Whole World) EST 1998 © 1908



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