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This real-life case was easily corrected with proper training.  A biting dog of any size is a could cause a lawsuit.



Chompy, The Little Dog That Bites!

A Biting Dog is a Liability

Jen Cook, Frustrated Toy Dog Owner


DOG BITE STATISTICS (below) reveal dog bites doubled in the last decade and people are most often bitten in the face due to a desire to Smooch The Pooch (below).


Let me give you a short background: I am a single, physically challenged woman who just bought her very first Toy Fox Terrier, a male puppy. Chompy was 8 weeks old when I fell in love with him. We were introduced on a Friday morning and by that night, he was at my home, sleeping on the pillow next to me.


Chompy, a little dog that bites until he was properly corrected and trainedLittle did I know all of the joy and aggravation this little guy could cause me. I work full time and I didn’t want to crate him. So I put him in my bathroom, puppy proofed it and let him in there during the day. He peeled the paint off the walls, tore his bed to shreds and was a mess! Needless to say, he is now crate trained! I have managed to potty train him but that is all I’ve accomplished as far as training him. He wants to bite (mouth) my hands and just basically rip up everything he can get his mouth on. Please don’t get me wrong – I complain about him but I can’t imagine life without him. He has given me a sense of purpose, responsibility and, basically, has taken the place of the children I’ll never be able to have.


I have never trained a puppy before. I have had dogs as a child but as an adult, I’ve had only one rescue mixed breed and he was already trained when I rescued him. So I am not sure where to begin with Chompy. I know he is intelligent because he is only 13 weeks old has been potty trained for the past 2 weeks. But I don’t know how to train him on commands – sit, stay, come (that one especially would be SO helpful since I can’t run to chase him).


So I guess I’m writing to ask you if you could give me an tips on training this little guy. I have trouble getting down on the floor with him to train him. I put him on my couch to try to train but he gets more interested in romping on the couch. Are there any tips you could give to me as far as training is concerned? I would like him to just listen to me, be trustworthy when off-leash (to stay by my side) and to be a companion dog to me. Right now he is just living his little life and he isn’t as attached to me as your dogs seemed to be to you. I know I can’t make him want to listen or be my companion but I’d like to try to train him to be a good dog.


Thanks for listening to my story. I would so appreciate any information you can provide.



Barbara "BJ" Andrews, CPC

Professor, Canine Sciences Institute:


He is an active, intelligent, FRUSTRATED puppy who needs a job! Give him outside exercise 2xs daily, a place to run and romp and chase balls or bugs. Without that, he will be a mental mess and you will have your hands full. Toy Fox Terriers can and do self-exercise in the house but you will need a non-slippery hallway or other large room, and soft toys (baby toys are ideal) or tennis balls you can throw down the hallway so he can stretch his legs.


Biting? Grab him around the NECK, firmly, apply a little pressure, give him a shake and in a low growly voice, say "NO!!! SHAME on you" and glare at him until he drops his glance and won’t meet your eyes.


Then let him go and ignore him for at least a couple minutes.  If you have to repeat that correction more than twice, you ain’t doin’ it right!!!  Be firm, be alpha dog, or you will have an unmanageable brat for as long as you can stand him, and even if you can put up with him, no one will want to visit you.


Let us know how it works out.



CHOMPY, A TOY FOX TERRIER THAT DOESN'T BITE ANYONEJust wanted to give you a quick update, It has been over a year since I acquired Chompy and he has turned out to be a real sweetheart!  Here is his picture.


Not too long after I emailed you, I bought a house that is one block away from my father. My dad and his wife come over every day and take Chompy on walks or they play with him in the yard.


I have a baby play pen (with no bottom) that you sit on the floor and snap shut. He stays in that during the day and I come home at lunch to get him to take him potty and for a brief romp in the yard or inside if it is cold outside. Having him discover snow and lightening bugs has been so neat! His interest in all things is so amazing! He is very smart and has learned so many tricks.


I taught him how to ring a bell to alert me that he has to potty. He knows all commands and I recently taught him “high five” within 15 minutes of training! He even gets in his “area” without my having to force him. I just tell him to “get in there” and he runs in, waiting on his carrot or peanut butter.


He is a barker but I have taught him the “quiet” command. He is working on it but gets excited and forgets to be quiet but minds when I tell him to do so!


He also stopped biting and snapping at me. I did the scruff grab you had suggested but he kept twisting and turning, trying to bite me as I was correcting him. I guess I wasn’t doing it right. But he stopped biting me soon after so maybe it did have some impact.


Anyway… I thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to email me.  My vet says he doesn’t think Chompy is 100% TFT, more like Jack Russell and TFT or maybe Jack Russell and Rat Terrier. All we know is that he is a feisty, smart little guy who has won the hearts of my whole family, my co-workers and my neighbor. He is a great addition to my household!


Take care and thanks again!  Jen Cook EST 1998 © 1101168


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