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So far, Animal Rights Activists have defeated us,  subverting Human Rights and Freedom Of Choice.  Animal "Rights" groups have vowed to destroy hobby breeders but they ignore the atrocities committed by commercial breeders!  Explore this section and learn why.  Also how such non-taxable "charitable" groups lobby for laws that raise your taxes!

2006 was The Year Of The Dog - 2007 and 2008 saw more bad legislation than ever before

What are YOU doing to preserve your Human and Constitutional Rights?


Join Together to Defeat Animal Activists


I do not understand why dog food companies, registries, animal media and animal supply vendors have not joined together to inform the public about HSUS/PETA and the radical Animal Rights (AR) goals of zero pet and domestic animal ownership.


SONIA YEARWOOD - AKC & UKC JUDGESonia Yearwood TheDogPlace December 2009 - Nationwide billboards displaying HSUS and PETA quotes along with a credible web site link for more real information could stop millions of dollars in donations. The trusting public funds these groups, believing they are helping “abused animals.” A Public Awareness Campaign would also cause voters to request their legislator oppose all Animal Activist/Animal Rights bills.

AR groups such as HSUS (Humane Society of the United States), PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) were responsible for more than 180 bills nationwide in 2009, all of which contribute to the end of pet ownership for everyone.

The animal rights groups cleverly hide their goals, hoping legislators won’t really read the bills and realize the consequences. HSUS names bills to tug at peoples’ hearts, with such titles as “Puppy Mill Bill, Vicious Dog Bill, and Dog Fighting Bill.” But most legislators and the general public are not aware that passing any of these deceptively named bills helps the Animal Rights Activists’ goals.

First of all, HSUS operates no animal shelters and has no affiliation with the government. Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS and former director of Fund for Animals states, “One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” Pacelle has stated on the HSUS web site that his goal is to eliminate all meat, fish, poultry and dairy from American menus. HSUS continues proposing legislation to strangle farmers and livestock owners with costly requirements and restrictions for producing our food.

Ingrid Newkirk, national director of PETA states, “For one thing we would no longer allow breeding. People could not create different breeds. If people had companion animals in their homes, these animals would have to be refugees from the animal shelter and the streets . . . But as the surplus of cats and dogs declined, eventually companion animals would be phased out and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship – enjoyment at a distance.”

I went to Austin on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 for “Lobby Day” to support the Texas Responsible Pet Ownership Alliance group (RPOA), an Animal Welfare organization formed to combat the barrage of proposed AR legislation.

I trudged through countless halls in the capitol to legislators’ offices to inform them of the AR situation that threatens Texas and our nation. While visiting with office personnel I learned that most people, especially the general public, have no idea about the real Animal Right agenda that threatens their rights to own animals or pets of any kind.

David Frei, Director of Communications for Westminster Kennel Club of New York, came to the Texas Lobby Day meeting accompanied by the 2008 Westminster Best in Show Beagle, “Uno”. Frei told about successfully combating the AR efforts in King County, Wash. David Frei spoke to a packed room of Animal Welfare supporters preparing to visit the offices of legislators in Austin to request opposition to Animal Rights bills that would result in the extinction of all domestic animals.

More than 130 RPOA supporters showed up for Lobby Day. We “covered the Capitol” with information that is so critical to help save our domestic animals from extinction.

Every state has a web site containing contact information for legislators. Phone calls, FAXES and personal visits are most effective, but emails should also be utilized.

These Animal Rights bills must be killed. People need to know the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.

The economic situation affects pet owners and animal shelters alike as people turn in animals they can no longer afford to keep. When AR raids are enacted, animals are dispersed to shelters and rescues already strapped financially. This results in the deaths of dogs and cats often taken illegally in raids from owners who are told they must pay huge maintenance fees (they cannot raise) in advance of a future court date. Most owners can’t afford it and thus are forced into relinquishing ownership to the animal rights activists. It is a no-win situation for all but the animal rights groups. The AR raids resemble a “hit and run” situation against shelters and rescues already saddled with the expenses of dealing with seized animals.

A Kentucky Judge ruled Oct. 2, 2009 for the plaintiff, The Louisville Kennel Club, finding it is unconstitutional to deprive pet owners of their property rights without a finding of guilty. This ruling makes HSUS/PETA/ASPCA and other Animal Rights groups liable for all care and feeding of animals seized in raids until owners are found guilty. Animals could not be sterilized, sold or euthanized unless the owner is found guilty. Owners cannot be required to pay in advance of a court ruling for any expenses incurred as the result of a seizure. This effectively demonstrates that pets are property and at least in KY defeats the AR groups pushing for animals to be considered under “guardianship” guidelines so that their radical members can control all animal activities.

The public must be educated and informed. Potential donors must realize that Animal Rights groups use false, exaggerated and unsubstantiated allegations of animal abuse to raise funds and attract media attention, bringing supporters' funds that feed their mission goals through well publicized, mostly illegal raids and seizures. I'd like to see registries automatically donating a few cents (5 cents) to a billboard/radio/television fund from each registration processed. And dog food companies should do the same - they could use this in their ads to let customers know that pet ownership is under attack by donating to "save pet ownership." Animal Rights has nothing to do with animal welfare.


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