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Grooming people's pets is a trust and a matter of pride. It many breeds it is an art form but with all dogs it is loving touch that protects health and builds confidence.





Vickie Haywood, Pet Care and Professional Groomer, SAAB Member


Your dog groomer deserves your appreciation, respect and generosity for all they do for your pet that you may not even realize, especially during COVID 19.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to move my grooming business to my home when COVID hit! Since I live 14 miles out in the country, I already had some dog pick-ups in place for my advanced seniors. (yes, more advanced than me!) Many of my friends had to shut down.



Originally, my thoughts were 6 weeks to get a handle on the virus and I will be safe accepting grooming customers. Then I thought surely by 8 weeks it will be OK. Now is this indefinite??? My health issues and those of most of my clients are precarious. Many of them have been with me for many years, some through 3 or more dog lives, so they are precious to me. Because of COVID, I have had to place most of my clients in the hands of a very capable friend of mine.


This has been a rough year for many businesses across the land including groomers. Many have had to re-organize and come up with ways to stay alive, safe, and OPEN. Now, the holidays are coming and I ask that you please remember the sacrifices dog groomers across the land make to ensure your pets are clean and beautiful for the holidays. It often takes overtime that take groomers away from being with their own families.


There were times in my own grooming business that my family time started Thanksgiving morning or Christmas eve without me. But my customer's dogs looked (and smelled) great for their holiday company.


So, ask yourself, “What does my groomer do for me?” Many pet owners may think they are being over-charged, I assure you, you get what you pay for and more than likely, you get way more than you pay for. This is especially true if your groomer has 10 or more years in the industry and is the business owner. She or he is very likely not even paying themselves a living wage. But what about the commissioned groomer? Even at 50%, a commission groomer gets half of what you pay less taxes, equipment expense, rental space, etc.


There are groomers who have put in the time and the travel to earn a Master groomer title from one of the organizations. They have spent a considerable amount for travel and entry fees just to test in the sections needed to become a Master groomer. There were precious few grooming shows where you could test to start with and now THIS year, because of the COVID 19 pandemic, it has been an effort in futility.


The vast majority of groomers are in the industry for the love of animals. But having monitored many grooming social media sites, I have found there is A LOT OF MISINFORMATION, including ignorance on both the part of the pet owner and the person doing the work.


Grooming is a risky business, as seen again on social media sites, the groomers who have sustained injuries from unpredictable animals or from owners who do not inform a groomer of issues a pet may have. One dog bite can end a career! A cat bite can put a groomer in the hospital.


A fall or other injury while trying to handle an untrained dog can cause a groomer an extended amount of time closed down.  Many owners never think their precious pet may over-react to the atmosphere, smells, sounds, or any number of given situations that could cause injury to the groomer and to the pet itself.


Here’s an example. In 2008 I had a freak injury at home that nearly ended my grooming days forever, I was letting out a litter of 12 week old pups when one of them decided he needed to retrieve a toy left behind. As I twisted around to grab him my RIGHT (scissor wielding) hand had an encounter with the edge of a cabinet! I stood in utter SHOCK looking at my hand, I could clearly see the bone and tendons (or lack of tendon in this case).


Because of the blunt force trauma, my hand no longer worked at all! I had a 3-inch gash across the knuckles, and KNEW I was in big trouble. I wrapped my hand, got the pups back in their crates, but now my dilemma was getting dressed and getting myself to urgent care.


It was a comedy of errors driving a stick-shift 14 miles to the hospital and then the next nightmare began. I was misdiagnosed, received poor care, then an orthopedist did $35,000 surgery to repair the tendons in that hand followed by a cast, a splint, 8 weeks of rehab. The end result 12 years later, I have 85% use of that hand but it could have ended very differently so I guess I was lucky.


Over my 55 years as a groomer and 8 as an ACO, my injuries have been numerous. There's beem 2 hospital visits for IV antibiotics from cat bites and $$$ thousands for chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist just to keep my body upright and moving.


Your groomer is likely making less money than your hairdresser but faces a much more dangerous job every day. Your hairdresser doesn’t to clean your bottom, your ears, fight with you over a pedicure, pluck ticks out, give you the haircut/clip (Hoo -Ha!) then blow-dry volumes of dead undercoat out. Groomers DESERVE your respect and your generosity!


Adapting to current COVID business practices, safety protocols and restrictions, the limit of how many pets can be groomed per day and the increased expense of new disinfection protocol and various state’s limited hours has ended many businesses. 


So cherish your groomer, let them KNOW IT😊 and remember to tip them LAVISHLY whether they own the business or not! 1998 ? Nov 2020 2110



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