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What Breeders Want For Christmas!


We asked 5 top breeders "What Do You Want For Christmas?" and this is what they told us...




Mary Rosenbaum, Bi-Mar Pomeranians 360-767-0104 A Pom breeder since 1960, Mary invites you to visit the home of BIS Ch. Bi-Mar's Sundance Kid, a breeder-owner-handled Best In Show Dog


What I want for Christmas is a show quality litter from Bi-Mar’s Obsession and out of Bi-Mar’s Rita which are due January 8, 2014.

I want to wish everyone Happy and Safe Holidays and many show wins.



Nancy Rix, Ashkabad Kennels, 940-458-5155, Sanger, TX ~ Est. 1986 as a foundation breeding kennel for imported and UKC registered Turkish Akbash Dogs and Kangal Dogs


What I want for Christmas this year is for each human and animal to have a few minutes of the sort of happiness that will give every one of us a reason to reach for the next day and the one after that . . a raw beef knuckle bone works for the dogs... and if they are happy so am I!!

~ Merry Christmas to All ~



Cindy Knox, CinergyBoxers 303-696-7106

My Christmas wish for my breed in the new year is the breeders and owners begin a new collaboration in honestly in pedigrees so that we can reduce the incidence of the horrific diseases that plague our breed; Boxer Cardiomyopathy, ARVC, cancer, degenerative myelopathy and other dreaded diseases. With breeders and owners willingness to discuss these diseases and their existence in their pedigrees we can continue to make strides in identifying these diseases and moving toward a healthier boxer with a much longer life span.



Dee Ashley, 951-313-4559


What I want for Christmas is for my multi-champion CA Sunprincess Ladybug to have a healthy litter of Biewers on New Year's Eve when she is due to have her 2014 litter.


Our Biewers are raised in my home. Both the Dam and Sire are available to be seen. We use no crates or cages ever. Puppies are health-checked, microchipped, utd shots, fecal tested, CBC tested before leaving here at 12 weeks of age. My goal is to have healthy and well-socialized puppies for your Dee-lightful enjoyment.



Tamara Taylor Turkman Kangal Dogs & Patteran Akbash Dogs - 940-726-3555 Kangal Dog, Turkmen Kaptan’s Rica, with ALL the babies!


What I want for Christmas... Not all dogs are inside during winter weather. Many of our livestock protection dogs spend their days and nights with their livestock in the barn or on pasture, keeping the newborn calves and lambs and their mothers safe from predators. May their busy owners remember to give them an extra treat - a juicy bone, some warm meaty stew poured over their kibble -- along with extra bedding for the livestock and their protectors.



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