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The K-9 Corps was created March 13, 1942. Thus March 13th is the fitting date and Joe's name choice for K-9 Veterans Day.






With new leaders in 2019, please take 20 (seconds) to sign this 2009 legislative petition to designate March 13th as a tribute to America's K-9 Corps.


Support K-9 Veterans Day March 13thJoe White contacted us in January 2009, having already achieved the first K-9 Veterans Day in his home state of Florida. Working out the details, veteran Joseph White and publisher Barbara J. Andrews agreed that in addition to Military Dogs, K-9 Veterans Day recognition should include: Border Patrol Dogs, Customs Dogs, Police Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, and Secret Service Dogs


In 2019 reaches 1.2 million dog owners who can move legislators with our vote. We were successful in achieving passage of the Military Dog Retirement Act in 2015. Let's get this done!


#1 If you are military or own a dog, sign the K-9 Veterans Day Petition.


#2 Then call and/or email your State Representatives.

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#3 Ask your friends to include this link on their website or facebook page.


Bark Back - Do You Support March 13th As K-9 Veterans Day?Your name and email are required in order to submit the form and validate the petition to Congress.  Instant Information on ii NetPlaces Network which NEVER shares or sells user information. Only your first name will be visible, your email is privacy protected and will not be visible, email addresses are never divulged or shared by any NetPlaces Network site.


I support March 13th as K-9 Veterans Day to be a National Holiday.

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Thank you for supporting the creation of National K-9 Veterans Day!

Other websites are capitalizing on Joe's vision... seeking donations.  We reached out to them, offering to promote them in this section. Not one responded. does not ask for money.  We ask only for for your help in making a military dog handler's dream come true.


In Memory of Joseph White

and keeping a promise to Sally White, Joe's wife


DOGS SERVE EVERY DAY, ON BOTH LAND AND SEA.Joe's selfless devotion to the dogs and veterans he served was inspiring.  As dog lovers, we cannot allow his vision of official recognition for K-9 Veteran's Day become only a memory.  His wife was unable to carry on after his death but is dedicated to Joe's mission. celebrates Veterans Day every 11-11.  Together we can achieve a National K-9 Veterans Day. From carrier pigeons to military mules, we thank all of the animals serving our Armed Forces!


The The NetPlaces Network changed the way our Armed Services ended "service" with passage of the Military Dog Retirement Act. YOU can ask that all K-9 Veterans, military and civil, be honored for helping keep American safe.

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