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The Bullmastiff is a powerful watchdog, sometimes called the “game keeper’s” dog . 120 pounds and 26" of solid muscle and fearsome strength, this smooth coated, easy care dog is docile and loving with family. He bonds closely and will prefer being wherever his people are. Dominant with other dogs, standoffish with strangers.


Bullmastiff breed example is Ch. Tauralan Red Teddy, owned by Carol Beans, Tauralan Bullmastiffs (1233)Certified Carol Beans Bullmastiff Breed Representative

Developed in English midlands, based primarily on the English Bullmastiff and the English Bulldog, the Bullmastiff worked as a gamekeeper's night dog. This was an early name for the breed. The dog assisted the gamekeeper by downing and holding poachers. The dog has a keen sense of self, is territorial, and strong willed. It is a loyal and loving companion, but because of its size, power, territorial nature and strong personality, should be owned only by those who are willing to be in charge. The breed comes in various shades of red, fawn and brindle with a distinctive black or very dark mask. Males range from 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder, weighing 110 to 130 pounds. Females range from 24-26 inches at the shoulder, weighing 100 to 120 pounds.


Photo: CH. TAURALAN RED TEDDY - Best of Breed at National Specialty, Multiple Best In Show Winner, Top 20 Working Dogs 2001, #1 Bullmastiff all systems 2001 Sire: Tauralan To The Victor, Dam: Ch. Tauralan Te Amo Owner/ Breeder: Carol Beans, Tauralan Bullmastiff.


Tauralan Bullmastiff: Carol has owned Bullmastiffs 36 years, bred them for 32. Published two publications on the breed for over 24 years. Published a handbook on Bullmastiffs. Bred 40 champions. Owned and bred the first Bullmastiff Top Producer to reach 30 champion offspring. Served on the Board of the American Bullmastiff Association for 13 years, 3 as President. Chairman of the ABA's Judge's Education Committee. Judged numerous Sweepstakes and Futurities. Judged at Championship shows in England. Lives with her husband in Southern California. Has three children and seven grandchildren. Still actively showing and breeding Bullmastiffs.

Jean Robinson Certified Breed Representative

Bullmastiff example is Jean Robinson's Ch. Leatherneck Ishannas ShadowboxerWhen judging, we need to make sure that the dog being awarded can do what it was bred to do. This breed was bred to knock down and hold poachers until his master arrived to control the situation. To do this the dog needs to be strong, heavy, and the right size. The nearly square outline is short backed, well boned, and very muscular with a nice big, blocky head. No long noses but even more important is a nice wide under jaw because they were bred to hold, not to rip and tear. A strong muscular rear is very important to be able to knock down a poacher. We need to breed more for correct movement, dogs that move with determination and a purpose instead of breeding for the group ring, the flashy sporting dog movement. They should be straight coming and going and not over-angulated. Generic looking heads are not our breed type. One other thing I feel is important is color. Brindle was our original color. A poacher would never see a brindle dog coming. A good dog is a good dog no matter what color. Lets reward the best dogs that conform to the American Bullmastiff Standard.


Photo: CH Leatherneck Ishannas Shadowboxer OFA hips and elbows, thyroid clear. Specialty BOW, BOS, and Group Winning Dam, CH Leatherneck Hope To Tell. Sire: CH Noland Wyloway Square Root. "TAE" was BOS in Sweeps and Best of Winners at the New York Supported entry and finished with four majors in six shows. Tae also won Best Brindle and won a first award of merit at the 2001 National Speciality.


Leatherneck Bullmastiffs:  Bullmastiffs since 1989. Since Jean's first litter in 1991 she has had over 70 champions! Consistently producing Top 10 dogs and bitches, breeding for type, soundness, and temperament, Leatherneck has produced or owned three Best in Show Bullmastiffs including the youngest Bullmastiff to ever win this award. Jean has Owner-Handled many of her dogs to Futurity, Sweepstakes, and Specialty wins. A true believer in quality not quantity, her dogs are raised as housedogs, not kennel dogs. Chosen to judge the 2003 Nationals Sweepstakes, she is honored and says she is ready for the prestigious assignment.

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