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VACCINOSIS The Mark Of The Beast


Photos, case histories, and the face of veterinary medicine and vaccines as you've never seen it. Protect your dog from today's pharmaceutical industry malpractice. A must-have, hard copy or e-book!


Dr. Jordan's 5 Star Rated Amazon book reveals vaccine risks in simple terms every dog breeder and pet owner can understand.  Dr. Jordan was one of the world's first veterinarians who recognized and coined the term Vaccinosis, the ugly and often deadly result of over-vaccination in today's veterinary protocol.


This book makes the germ theory irrelevant to the understanding of disease and proves "The foundation of health is not the prevention of disease with vaccination or the treatment of disease with drugs.”  As a practicing vet, lecturer, and advocate for common sense in the clinical  administration of vaccines, the author presents provocative pictures, case histories, and the face of medicine in a way we have never before seen!


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Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, & Herbology, and SAAB Member graduated from NC State Magna Cum Laude, completed the Honors Program in Medical Microbiology, made the Medical Technology Dean's List, has a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine Externship at the University of Berne, Berne Switzerland, is Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine & Herbology, was a student of the Chi Institute, and is currently finishing the Master's Program in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Jordan has been an AVMA member for over 25 years and is nationally regarded as a leader on the front line of veterinary vaccine protocols. EST 1998 ©  155r1903


Personally reviewed and recommended by Barbara "BJ" Andrews, AKC Master Breeder, SAAB Member



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