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Breeder-Judge chastises AKC Director for interfering with Chihuahua Parent Club vote on merle gene pattern which generated the hottest debate in years.

Merle Pattern: Australian National Council Reaction


AKC Director Steve Gladstone set off a firestorm of protest when he interfered with the CCA ballot on whether to DQ (disqualify) merle color.


This letter from the Australian National Chihuahua Council is but one of many received by which upholds the reasoning of the 2009 World Ban Of Merle Pattern, many countries even refusing registration of a dog with either parent displaying merle gene pattern.


January 23rd 2008

Reply to Mr. S.D. Gladstone

American Kennel Club




I cannot allow your correspondence of 19th Jan 2008 to pass without reply. You state your concern as a member of the dog fancy of some 35 years.


I reply as a genuinely concerned member of some 34 years, & nowhere have I found evidence to support the breeding of Merles. And I note your ramblings do not refer to recognized data by various world renowned geneticists, only the list of your own Importance within the dog fraternity.


You certainly will not succeed in trying “to convince” anyone, perhaps save yourself, & the arrogance to then excuse your words, written on AKC letterhead, as your own.


To say this will lead to ALL other Merle affected breeds being D.Q’d, is your opinion, not fact. These other breeds, which have existing Merle Pattern, cannot just ‘get rid of it’, it is a DOMINANT, which will breed on.


You speak of DNA to confirm Merle presence, this is not necessary if no Merle is involved in the first place. Which brings me to ask, Why introduce something which wasn’t / isn’t there in the first place? And particularly something which WILL cause major health & welfare problems no matter what you believe. To suggest there is “no realistic chance” is total rubbish. Yet you admit it is possible that deafness & blindness can be found.


What about sterility, a lack of an anus, lack of ear canals, etc etc; And importantly for the Chihuahua, a reduction in colour/s. NOT TO MENTION X BREEDING in the first instance, to introduce it.


Further your references to the Anti Dog Lobby, eg; PETA & the like you conveniently throw in the words, ‘crazies’ & ‘humaniacs’, descriptions I find disgusting. I and many other honest concerned breeders of all breeds as we know them, are not uninformed crazies.


Your opinions really are not required, regardless of your list of personal titles, In fact I regard you as interfering in this matter, being a position holder. You cannot have your ‘cake & eat it too’ Either you are a director or a breeder.


As for your quote in respect of a ban of all breeds at the extreme, this is not just their small size but the inherent problems in the breed, associated mainly due to their diminished size. Considered a health & welfare or cruel situation, so why introduce more problems, YOU ARE PLAYING INTO THEIR HANDS, can’t you see that?


Your arrogance comes to the fore again when you say, England made a “poor decision.” How dare you interfere with logical decisions made by overseas Countries? England is not the only Country to ban the Merle Pattern in Chihuahuas.


In part, I quote you;





Anita Wright (Mrs)

About Mrs. Wright: She is a licensed Toy and Terrier judge in Australia. Her kennel name is Mordosa. She was former Secretary of her State Club but for the last 6 years, she has held the position of Secretary of the National Chihuahua Council of Australia, the NCC. Australia has 6 State Clubs, but only one national body, and they all work under the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).
Mrs. Wright’s letter was forwarded to by Lesley Harger. We contacted Mrs. Wright for permission to publish, which she graciously granted. The reply to Mr. Gladstone (see link below) was her personal opinion.

Note* covered the merle debate when Attorney-Corgi breeder-AKC Board member Steven Gladstone interfered with the parent club ballot to disqualify merles from the ring. The story begins here:


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Gladstone Letter to CCA Members See the letter by Steven Gladstone, who interfered with Chihuahua Club Of America ballot to DQ merle color, using his AKC and AKC/CHF Board positions.


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World Bans Merle Chihuahuas but CCA voted down merle DQ following ballot interference by AKC Board member. Other countries refuse to register any dog out of merle parents. American Breeders unable to export.


Australian Chihuahua Breeder-Judge chastises AKC Director on his letter interfering with Parent Club vote on the merle gene.


Steve Gladstone Obituary the final link to a great man. Friend, attorney, advisor to the dog fancy, trusted AKC Board ally, founder of Aragorn Cardigans.

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