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Legislation That Matters - Joseph White and launched the first National K-9 Veterans Day campaign February 2009. With new leaders in 2018, we asked you to sign the legislative petition.






When Joe White contacted us in January 2009, he had already achieved the first K-9 Veterans Day in his home state, Florida.  Today reaches 1.2 million dog owners.  You signed the petition and you can contact your State Representatives (listed below) too.


Support K-9 Veterans Day March 13thWorking out the details, Joseph White and Barbara J. Andrews agreed that Customs Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Border Patrol Dogs, Police Dogs, and Secret Service Dogs should be included in this recognition.  Joe's name choice, K-9 Veterans Day, avoids any confusion with Veterans Day which is celebrated Nov. 11th.


The K-9 Corps was created March 13, 1942 so we agreed

March 13th is national K-9 Veterans Day.


Joe's K-9 Veterans Day banner was first published here February 2009.  Other websites are capitalizing on Joe's vision.  Few offer any useful information but all are seeking donations.  We reached out to each of them, offering to promote them in this section. Not one responded. does not ask for money.


Thanks to everyone who signed the K-9 Veterans Day Petition and made their voices heard to the 2018 legislature.  Your name and email was required to submit the form and validate the petition to Congress but NetPlaces Network NEVER shares or sells user information.


Unanimous YES, to support March 13th as K-9 Veterans Day as the National Holiday.

We asked for your help in making Joe's dream come true and we are still working on it.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to create National K-9 Veterans Day!


Send a short message to your elected representatives listed here...

 ii YOUR Governor, Senators, and Congressional Representatives


The NetPlaces Network was successful in achieving passage of the Military Dog Retirement Act in 2015.


In Memory of Joseph White ~ Obituary by Sally White, Joe's wife


DOGS SERVE EVERY DAY, ON BOTH LAND AND SEA.Joe's selfless devotion to the dogs and veterans he served was inspiring.  As dog lovers, we cannot allow his vision of official recognition for K-9 Veteran's Day become only a memory.  His wife was unable to carry on after his death but is re-dedicated to Joe's mission.


The NetPlaces Network celebrates Veterans Day every 11-11.  We hope to achieve a National K-9 Veterans Day. We also ask everyone to stop and think about all of the other animals that serve our country and protect our freedom.  From carrier pigeons to military mules, we thank all of the animals serving our Armed Forces!


YOU changed the way our Armed Services ended "service" for Military Dog, YOU can ask that all K-9s, military and civil, be honored for helping keep American safe.

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Modern War Dogs

Illustrated war dogs of today, U.S. K-9 Corps dogs serve democracy.


A gun-shy dog, 2 fearful boys and the Führer's military dog call up.

War Dogs Killed in US

Killing K9 soldiers because it's cheaper than bringing them home?

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