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Dogs, dogs, dogs

A tall and elegant, West African sighthound known for their loyalty, Independence and how deeply affectionate they are.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

This medium sized dog is used primarily to locate, flush, and retrieve birds, He is friendly, joyful, and fun loving.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Belgian Laekenois
Medium size, distinctive reddish harsh wiry coat. He is similar to the other three Belgian varieties. He is strong, agile and full of life.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Dogo Argentino
Large white crop-eared, smooth coated, guard dog. Takes a strong hand and experienced owner but is well worth the ownership responsibility.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Dutch Shepherd
Large, smooth, wire, or long coated herding dog, he's a lively, athletic, alert and intelligent breed.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Lancashire Heeler
Small, easy-care, hardy British cattle dog, he's a medium to high energy dog, intelligent, alert and friendly.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

A small but extremely versatile, intelligent, alert, agile, all-purpose Hungarian farm dog.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

A small spitzdog, well poised, with sinewy and well-developed muscles. Alert with head carried high, a fearless attitude and extreme agility.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Peruvian Inca Orchid
A naked or coated tousle topped deer-like companion, he's elegant, agile, smart and swift. A sighthound developed in Peru comes in three sizes.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Portuguese Podengo
Lively, agile, playful, alert, highly intelligent but not always easy to train. Comes in Medium and Large

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Russian Toy
A small, elegant, lively dog with long legs, fine bones and lean muscles. They are active and cheerful, possessing keen intelligence and a desire to please.

Breeds 1-11 of  11

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