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Definitions and Glossary

Here are some helpful definitions of terms and doggy jargon.





8 Hour Job!

High energy, needs high level mental and physical stimulation

Genetically programmed for sustained, vigorous activity.


American Kennel Club

Internationally recognized Pedigree Registry/Show Organization.

AKC and/or TKC

Recognized by both Pedigree Registry organizations.

American Kennel Club (U.S.) and The Kennel Club (U.K.)

Aloof, Dignified

Standoffish with strangers

May be territorial, protective, or simply uninterested in non-family members.


Fits in smaller spaces with less outdoor exercise requirements

A dwelling that may require stairs or elevator access, paper training, or sedate personality.


American Rare Breed Association

Maintains Registry / Show Organization


One who is instrumental in the birth of any species

A student of genetics, a master of form and function, with a eye to beauty and balance.


Coat and/or eyes, wrinkles

Irrespective of coat, eyes or wrinkles must be wiped.

Family Companion

Suitable for all ages/visitors

An adaptable breed that gets along with everyone.


Federation Cynologique International

Show Organization / NOT a Pedigree Registry

FCI and/or ARBA

Pedigree registered in country of origin or a Rare breed.

Please see the glossary for detailed descriptions of ARBA or FCI.

Field, Farm

Hunter, worker, or livestock

Makes himself useful in practical ways.


Over 100 pounds

Very tall or very heavy boned or both!


bathing, combing, brushing, body exam

Usually included bathing, always includes an overall examination for signs of illness.


Breeds "grouped" by usage and type

For purposes of show classification.


One who conditions, trains, and presents a dog in competition

One who molds a rough-cut stone into a priceless gem.


Sunny friendly disposition

A happy out-going personality.

Herding, Pastoral

Protects and/or controls split-hoof stock

They move and they gather and faithfully guard cattle and sheep and kids in the yard.

Hound, Scent or Sighthound

Ground scent or visual hunter - fur/feather

By sight or scent, to tree or to ground, there's nothing as sweet as the voice of a hound.


One who selects dogs that most closely conform to written requirements

Must know and weigh soundness, type, condition, and presentation and award accordingly.


61 to 100 pounds

Regardless of height, would be difficult to pick up and carry.

Leash Walk

Adequate exercise can be attained by brisk walking

Usually a smaller breed whose needs are met by daily walks.


21 to 60 pounds

May be short but can be picked up and carried.

Miscellaneous, Rare Breed

Not yet accepted by a major registry

Shower me not with gems so rare, give me instead a diamond with hair!


Coat, nail care & full body check

Care-free coat but as with all dogs, teeth, nails, ears, attended to and check for growths or dental problems.

Non-Sporting, Utility

Multi-purpose, multi-talented breeds

They don't hunt or herd, chase vermin or guard but they fit in the lap and look great in the yard.

Northern, Spitz, Primitive

"Wolf" type and/or Arctic coated

Old as the dingo, wild as the wind. Wise as Coyote, man's very first friend.

Off Lead

Needs to burn off energy within a safely enclosed area

Needs room to run and time to play in order to be mentally and physically fit.

Older Child, Adult

Tiny or not "everyone's dog"

Of delicate structure or impatient nature.

Other National Registry

Internationally recognized Registry

ie: Pedigree records accepted by AKC and/or TKC.

Protection, Estate

Imposing in size or demeanor

One whose size or actions forbid intrusion or familiarity.

Quiet, Calm

Placid, unruffled, easy-going

An easy-to-live with personality.

Serious, Protective

Not given to frivolous actions

A "thinker" who considers whether any person or situation might represent a danger to the master.


Up to 20 pounds

May be fairly tall but is easily picked up and carried.

Sporting, Gun Dog

Air scent Hunter/Retriever – feather

Pointer, Retriever, Spaniel or Setter, on water or land, the hunter's go-getter!


Energetic, courageous terra (earth) hunters

No fear, no pain, he's right as rain. No game too rough - he's dog enough!


The Kennel Club (England/U.K.)

Internationally recognized Pedigree Registry/Show Organization.

Toy, Companion

Usually diminutive, often lap-dogs

A Toy is a toy, a Companion and more, a treasure, a joy, a dog to adore.

Twice Weekly

Coat and/or eyes, wrinkles

Needs combing and/or eyes, ears, or wrinkles cleaned.


Defining, distinguishing breed characteristics

Features by which one identifies a breed.

UKC and/or Private Registries

United Kennel Club or Private Registration

Breed Club or Registry that may not be internationally accepted.


Coat care & full body check

Coat requires attention and/or eyes, ears, wrinkles need wiping.

Working, Guardian

Services work, draft, or protection

Stands watch every night and loves every day, in service to man, at work or at play. EST 1998 Mar 2020