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Herding, Pastoral, Sheepdog & Cattledog 
Protects and/or controls split-hoof stock

They move, gather, and faithfully guard the cattle, the sheep - and the kids in the yard.



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Dogs, dogs, dogs

Lapinporokoira (Lapland Reindeer Dog)
Largish, dark coated Finnish herding dog

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Nenets Herding Laika
Medium size short coated herding watchdog

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Norwegian Buhund
Medium size, easy care, adaptable, family friend

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Old English Sheepdog
Large, profusely coated, tousled appearance

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Medium size long coated, non-shedding family dog

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Dark mop-coated medium sized Hungarian herding dog

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Pyrenean Shepherd
Energetic tousled but charming small size family or farm friend

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Schapendoes (Dutch Sheepdog)
Medium size, shaggy coated ancient relative of the Briard.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Shetland Sheepdog
Miniature Collie, well coated, popular little herding dog

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Shiloh Shepherd
Courageous and self confident, this gentle giant possesses superior intelligence wrapped in a heart of gold.

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Swedish Vallhund (Cattledog)
Long, low, short coated, medium size herding dog

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
Small, long, low, short coated family friend

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
Small, short legged, short coated herding dog

Breeds 31-43 of  43

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