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Vaccinosis Disease

Prevention and Treatment for Vaccinosis

by Dr. Kim Bloomer & Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Vaccinosis Part 1 & 2


Assisting dogs with Vaccinosis Disease addresses what owners can do to restore health and prevent further damage to the dog’s immune system. Continuing to expose vaccine deceit since 1998.


In Part One/Two we focused on the immune system because it is the immune system that protects the body and keeps it healthy. It is also the immune system that is wrecked with repeated vaccinations. In this final part to our three-part series, we want to share with you how we have assisted dogs with vaccinosis using an entirely natural approach.


Those of us who adhere to the principles and laws of nature for our own health and that of our dogs have found no need or use for vaccines. In fact, we believe they hinder the health of our dogs rather than provide protection.


Vet Schools Fail On Vaccinology

Something to consider along these lines is what leading veterinary vaccine researcher, Ronald Schultz, PhD stated in a pet vaccination seminar held in 2009, “Our new grads don’t know a heck of a lot more about vaccines than our older grads. And I’ve figured out why this is. They know a lot more about basic immunology, but they don’t know about vaccinology and the two are not the same….Also, they’re taught by people generally that know nothing about vaccinology. Now, when do they get their vaccine training? During their fourth year. And who’s giving that? The veterinarians that know how to give vaccines, still don’t know about vaccinology. So we haven’t gone very far from where we were ten years ago or twenty years ago with regard to training veterinarians about vaccines." (1)


There is an agenda afoot with vaccines and it sure isn't about health. The way to know the truth is to always follow the money. Who stands to gain the most from the sale of vaccines? Who stands to gain when your own dog suffers from vaccinosis? If vaccines are so protective, then why are the majority of dogs chronically ill by the age of six if not younger with the symptoms of vaccinosis? Instant Information to define ii Vaccinosis Disease (popup window).


The answers are statistically clear.  Vaccinated dogs are not only not protected from all the new mutating viruses, but they are often less healthy.  Most are living shorter lives, and are more vulnerable to disease than those dogs that are not vaccinated and are given as close to a natural lifestyle as humanly possible.


Once vaccinated, the damage has already been done but there is help for un-doing most of the damage.


Help For Vaccinosis Diseased Dogs

As naturopaths, we share with our clients how to help their dogs get back into balance (homeostasis) by supporting their bodies naturally so it can heal itself.  And we help them proactively promote health in their dogs thereby avoiding major sickness and disease altogether in the first place.


The first law of nature and health is proper nutrition. A species appropriate raw diet is going to be necessary to either detoxify your dog from vaccines or to promote optimum health before they ever become ill. The immune system must be properly supported and that can only happen when your dog is fed a diet conducive to his species, in this case, a carnivore.


The rest of the laws of health include:

  • Exercise – the level and intensity will depend upon how well or sick your own dog is and of course the needs of your particular breed.

  • Water – pure, fresh without chlorine, fluoride or other chemicals

  • (and sometimes supplements) – sans sunscreen and in proper moderation. When given proper shade dogs innately know how to balance their sun bathing so they don't burn.

  • Temperance – moderation is what animals do naturally. Leaders of packs are the most energy efficient of all.

  • Air – fresh air daily; being outdoors is where animals thrive. Being constantly indoors isn't healthy for any of us.

  • Rest – and that means time away from all the human contrivances that can interfere with proper rest such as unnatural lighting, noise, electronic gadgets and equipment, etc.

  • Trust – knowing that nature does know best and its way, while often slow is sure.

Once our clients are adhering to these principles with their dogs, the detoxing and healing can really begin. This is where our clients learn that all of those toxins from the vaccines, unnatural food, synthetics (in the form of medications), and pesticides typically called “pest control prevention” are finally leaving their dog's body and they can see him becoming well again.


Diet, Herbal & Homeopathic Treatment

At this point we may then suggest herbal, homeopathic or supplemental help, or refer them to a homeopath if diet alone hasn't done the job of thoroughly detoxifying their dogs.


All it takes is one vaccine for vaccinosis disease to begin but take hope because if caught early enough (before multiple revaccinations), we know how to help build the body back up naturally. Even if your dog has been repeatedly vaccinated year after year and/or is elderly we can still assist in helping your dog to gain back quality of life.


It's always worth it to take up and apply the natural rearing principles for the health and longevity of your dogs – now and for future generations.



1. Titer testing and vaccination: A new look at traditional practices. Published by Veterinary Healthcare Communications, Lenexa, Kansas. 2002.


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