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Canine Reproduction


Top reproductive university study reveals simple dietary secret that increased sperm count, motility and survivability in frozen semen! Smart dog breeders can learn from horse and cattle breeders who know about sperm count, sperm motility, Omega 3, and using frozen semen.




Sperm Motility Omegas For Stud Dogs


The livelihood of large animal breeders depends on knowledge of sperm collection, estrus timing and insemination. With comparatively little commercial value, dog breeders have had to take whatever bits of knowledge emanate from other research.


Frozen Semen Sperm MotilityThis semen study may prove among the most important to stud dog owners but it has been buried in the doggy press. Until now.  Texas A&M University completed a double-blind 2006 study of two groups of stallions wherein one group was fed normally and the other group's feed was top-dressed with extra omega-3 fatty acids.


The semen of both breeding groups was collected and frozen. Their semen was then thawed in the exact manner as would happen if the semen was to be used for breeding. The stallions that were fed the omega-3 supplement showed a THREE-FOLD increase in sperm survivability and motility as compared to the semen from non-supplemented horses.


After a 14-day "washout period", the groups were reversed, so that the supplemented stallions went back to their normal feed and the non-supplemented stallions were given the extra omega-3s. The first group returned to their normal sperm mortality rate but the newly-supplemented stallions' semen showed the same increase in sperm motility and survivability as the first group had shown.


There was no change in sperm viability in fresh semen; only in that which had been frozen or chilled. It was apparent that the additional omega-3s assist in protecting sperm from damage due to freezing.


Large Animal Breeders Know About Reproduction

The frozen sperm motility experiment was based on the fact that breeding boars have long been supplemented with omega-3 and omega-6 and study results indicate it works with horses as well. Of course, dogs are neither hogs nor horses but those Derm-Caps you're giving for healthy skin and coat may be doing more for your boyz than you thought!


The article "Stallions: Feeding for Breeding" was in the January 2006 edition of 'Practical Horseman', page 89, The research was done at Texas A&M and published in a peer-reviewed veterinary journal.


Vitamins Increase Sperm Count And Motility

Equally interesting, Equine News reported "supplementation with high levels of vitamins C and E, individually or together, has resulted in increased sperm output, concentration, and motility while decreasing numbers of dead or abnormal sperm in a number of species."


Research in Germany and Russia reported improved semen quality when stallions were supplemented with vitamins A, D, and E. In humans, A and C supplementation reduced DNA fragmentation in sperm.


Livestock breeders have seen amazing advances in reproduction technology. Fortunately some of that research has sifted down to canine reproduction.  For authoritative information on canine semen and insemination applications, Craig White, DVM, M.S enlightens dog breeders about Speedy Sperm and elevating the bitch's hindquarters.

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