Unique Advertising Opportunities for Qualified Dog Breeders, advertise your Breeding Program, represent your breed, or deposit to the Gene Bank


Opportunity Knocking!

Separate yourself from the puppies-for-sale sites as a Certified Breed Rep or ROM Breeder featured in My Breeding Program. Are you eligible to lead the pack?


As the world's first non-military/academic website, www.TheDogPlace.org offers powerful breeder services.  Over 22 years web experience offers the most effective way to reach over 110,000 individual visitors, more than twice the readers of any other dog publication. Clearly the most valuable opportunity for serious dog breeders and exhibitors.


If you have bred 3 Champions and/or Top Producers,

(including Rare Breeds), you may be eligible to become a


Certified Breed Representative


TheDogPlace.org introduced the term "responsible" breeder in 1998*.  AKC subsequently adopted our term but corrupted it by accepting puppy mill advertising. Fortunately, TheDogPlace.org Certified Breeders provide the credibility for which the best dog breeders strive.


If you are the listed breeder or co-breeder off

5 AKC Champions and/or Top Producers

you may be eligible for the official ROM Breeder Title**

and inclusion in this innovative feature exclusive to TheDogPlace.org


My Breeding Program


Our staff will build you a mini-site with up to 8 photos depicting your goals and success as a Certified Breed Representative.  Your credentials will then be introduced to over 22,000 HEADlines subscribers in TheDogPress.com.


TheDogPlace.org search engine optimized pages reach over 1.3 million individual visitors (not "hits") per year, people who are a perfect blend of pet owners, breeders, and judges.


* The first Register Of Merit (ROM) system was trademarked in the 1973-1976 Akita Handbooks

** must be authenticated or listed by National Breed Club


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QUESTIONS: email editor or call (800) 215-1178 weekdays 9:30 to 4:30 EST

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