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Health is definitely NOT aggressive behavior caused by ingesting genetically modified (GMO) corn and fake flavorings, so how can this happen in our food supply?





Tam Cordingley, CSI Instructor, SAAB Member


I've been thinking "WHAT IF???" All the violent incidents we’ve been seeing in dogs, the military, the mass shooters, and the domestic violence were all connected?


GMO corn is used in everything from candy to dog food. What if corn causes violent or unpredictable behavior in people and their pets?What if... The common thread was genetically modified organisms (GMO) corn.


What if... the alarming increase of dog bites in the last 10 years was due to trying out GMO corn in dog food. (Let’s try it on them to see if there are any serious mental side effects.)


What if... the military were the logical next easiest test subjects? A large group of people eating mostly what they are served from base kitchens.


What if... the school children are next. School cafeterias are a great place to try out a new and cheaper food. Most of the mass killers are young people who have grown up since GMO (including corn with pesticide) food was put on the market. Some are still in school, as in Sandy Hook.


Gardening is easy and can be done in containers, high-rise window boxes, or patio gardensWhat if... fast food restaurants serve foods made with genetically re-structured corn and prepared foods have GMO ingredients, listed on the label as just corn, corn gluten, or corn syrup. In today's rushed world, more people pick up supper in the drive-through windows or boxed dinner sections instead of taking time to cook and serve real foods.


What if … the main side effect was unwarranted aggression and violent behavior???


Are you willing to test it out? I’m not willing to be a test subject. I grow organic food from organic seed and try not to buy any GMO food. Read the labels. Do a search for non-GMO ingredients. The hard fight Monsanto-Sygenta and the rest of the seed giants are waging against labeling GMO food and seeds seems like a cover-up to me. What do you think?


EARTHBOXES GO ANYWHERE, EVEN ON HIGH-RISE ROOF TOPSGrowing your own food is easy. Gardening tools like Earth Boxes and Portable Garden bags make it even easier. Beans, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce are fun and easy to grow. Picking your organic dinner right from your own deck makes it all worthwhile.


Let me know if you want specific sources and instructions to help in your progress toward physical, mental, and emotional health.


For your dog food I strongly suggest going grain free, possibly BARF (Bones And Raw Food) but at least grain free.


I have valid concerns about excessive corn intake and behavior. The engineers who inserted the DNA bacterial gene, Bt, into corn assumed corn would produce nothing but a poison for the insects feeding on it.


However, moving the Bt gene into the alien environment of corn, in addition to the insect-killing protein, the Bt gene could give birth to other proteins with unpredictable behavior and possibly toxic effects on human health and nature.


Genetically engineered modified corn can be harmful to human and animal healthThe compelling amount of information on genetically engineered corn is NOT sufficient to stop agribusiness from marketing it in 2018. It is in nearly 90% of processed human and pet foods unless labeled non-GMO.


Genetically modified corn is primarily engineered to be  poisonous to the insects that feed on it. We're told it is not meant for human consumption... that it is only fed to the cattle, poultry, and swine that we eat. This Agri-business logic is justified on the presumption that slaughter animals do not live long enough to be a health risk to the people or animals that consume them.


Quickest, easiest way to be sure what you and your dogs are eating is to go to the Nutrition Section which is grouped according to subject; corn, grapes, BARF, pre-biotics, byproducts, etc.


We can't change mass-farming.  It can be argued that our fertile farmlands feed much of the world.  We can however learn more about what we eat and what genetically modifying our foods (to feed the world) has done to what you put on your table to feed your family. EST 1998 © 13081507



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