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Feeding raw chicken to your dogs is fine if these precautions are taken to prevent HUMAN infection of campylobacterium, known as campy bacteria or the more common salmonella.




Raw Chicken and Campylobacterium

Barbara (BJ) Andrews, TheDogPlace Publisher


Campylobacterium, often called "fowl flu", it is a common but seldom deadly bacteria. Actually, "flu" is an incorrect term as influenza is a virus whereas "campy" is as its name implies, a bacteria infection.


CANINE FLU FROM RAW CHICKEN OR VACCINE LABS?One source for campy is raw chicken, which is why we’re cautioned to wash chicken thoroughly during preparation.  Dog breeders and owners often feed raw chicken wings or legs. Sylvia Hammerstrom of Skansen (famous Schnauzers) swears by it.


Dogs seem immune to Campylobacter and many other bacteria that would make us sick but it should be noted that Campylobacterium can remain active in feces could therefore be problematic in kennel conditions. Dr. Cash says “If a dog has been in a kennel-type situation or anywhere they could have eaten raw or undercooked meat, they’re at a higher risk."


Well, let’s hope not. Dogs eat raw meat on the farm and in the back alley but a dog's digestive system is engineered to handle raw, even decomposing meat. Dr. Cash was right about delaying for tests but by now, viral or bacterial infections encountered on the January circuit would be gone. In fact, dogs and people recovered just as quickly as "the crud" attacked.


It is still worth remembering that campylobacteriosis is reported as the most common bacterial diarrhea illness in the United States . Over 10,000 cases of campy are reported each year, and while many go undiagnosed or unreported, campylobacteriosis is estimated to affect over 2 million people each year.


According to the USDA, ii Salmonella bacteria are the most frequently reported cause of foodborne illness. In order to reduce salmonellosis, a comprehensive farm-to-table approach to food safety is necessary. Farmers, industry, food inspectors, retailers, food service workers, and consumers are each critical links in the food safety chain.


The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is addressing the problems of Salmonella contamination on meat and poultry products, and offers guidelines for safe food handling to prevent bacteria, such as Salmonella, from causing illness.

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