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The German Shepherd is a serious worker, playful child's companion and devoted family protector. Averaging 25" and 80 pounds, the GSD fits the family car nicely!


Bobbi King, German Shepherd Breed Representative

German Shepherd Dogs are well-known for protecting their homes and are great family companions. They make wonderful rescue and search dogs, military, police K-9 units, as well as service dogs for the blind, hearing and physically disabled and assist with other challenges and provide many other services to mankind. A German Shepherd living in your home will be right there as a strong deterrent against crime, they alert to noises and scare off intruders, vs. no dog and having to call police. With proper leadership, the GSD is highly trainable with consistency and guidance training.


Photo: German Import SV & AKC Registered and USCA 2018 National Champion - V1 Fynn vom Hulsbach "Fynn" performs as a therapy, trick and service dog. He loves to snuggle and melts in your arms! He has been awarded BH AD IPO3, kkl1a lbz ZW 75, CGCA, CGCU, GSDCATC and health tested; CHIC OFA(H/E) CAER Cardiac Thyroid Patellar DM Clear.


Find health and happiness with a German Shepherd Dog. Research proves having a furry friend keeps you healthier and happier. People make friends easier if they own a pet and studies confirm that fur-babies decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels along with reducing stress levels. Also, having a household pet can decrease a child’s allergies by 33 percent, having a pet allows a child to build a natural immunity. German Shepherd Dogs can be great walking buddies or to just hang out on the patio together. Admit it, you'll LOVE IT especially, when your furry friend runs to greet you with that doggy smile!


At Redwood Runs Pet Resort - Bobbi Jo King has worked with animal owners, trainers and service dog organizations for over 40 years. “I have trained dogs to work sheep. Also, 4-H and FFA and still work with dogs daily for; service, handling of competition and therapy dog work. Throughout the years I have strived for and prevailed in quality trained dogs. I am a licensed registered Veterinary Technician with experience in an animal care & regulation facility, I passed the required certifications for Animal Control Officer levels I/II. I am also an evaluator for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Trick divisions. I am in the Alliance of Therapy Dogs as a tester/observer. I always continue my education; including reading, seminars and association with great mentors. I offer mentorship to those who seek to learn with high values, my ethics, morals, integrity and character make me 'Your Pet’s Life Coach'”. Call (707) 337-9223 or email




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Joan Ronalder, German Shepherd Breed Representative

Vom Ron German Shepherds, Joan RonalderThe working type German Shepherd Dogs, mostly either Czech or East German in origin, tend to be what the founder of the breed, Max Von Stephanitz, had in mind when the breed was created. Dark, either sable or black and red, some are black, smaller ears, somewhat lighter in bone and shorter backed than other import types. The RinTinTin type of German Shepherd, with unequaled work ethic, they are bred for and excel in border patrol and police work.


Photo: Ajsa Glitch, SCH H II, CGC. Great representative of the Eastern European Working German Shepherd, Ajsa works in all phases of Schutzhund, Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. In her SCH 2 Trial she was awarded HIGH SCORE of 97 in protection!


The kindness and consistency with which this type is trained determines behavior. Often they are seen as being aggressive but that is untrue as this is in no way a vicious dog. They are very loving with their family, watchful of strangers, and serious about protecting their people. STRENGTH OF CHARACTER IS PARAMOUNT. Combined with strong nerves and great trainability, this German Shepherd Dog is an unsurpassed candidate for police, search and rescue, and guide dog work. This is the dog who would willingly lay down his life for you, while lovingly guarding you, your child, or an elderly family member.


Vom Rom German Shepherds As a top animal trainer-performer, Joan wowed rodeo, theme park, and international audiences.Upon retirement, she turned her horses out to pasture and her attention to developing a superb line of German Shepherd Dogs.  Importing European Border Patrol bloodlines, this remarkable woman and her partner established vom Ron Kennels. Then, being Joan, she trained three Schutzhund dogs at the same time, earning an unheard of four Schutzhund titles in 3 months! Website: Phone: (828) 286-9768 EST 1998 Dec 2008-154166y2203




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