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Term Definition
Large 61 to 100 pounds
Leash Walk Adequate exercise can be attained by brisk walking
Medium 21 to 60 pounds
Miscellaneous, Rare Breed Not yet accepted by a major registry
Monthly Coat, nail care & full body check
Non-Sporting, Utility Multi-purpose, multi-talented breeds
Northern, Spitz, Primitive "Wolf" type and/or Arctic coated
Off Lead Needs to burn off energy within a safely enclosed area
Older Child, Adult Tiny or not "everyone's dog"
Other National Registry Internationally recognized Registry
Protection, Estate Imposing in size or demeanor
Quiet, Calm Placid, unruffled, easy-going
Serious, Protective Not given to frivolous actions
Small Up to 20 pounds
Sporting, Gun Dog Air scent Hunter/Retriever - feather
Terrier Energetic, courageous terra (earth) hunters
TKC The Kennel Club (England)
Toy, Companion Usually diminutive, often lap-dogs
Twice Weekly Coat and/or eyes, wrinkles
Type Defining, distinguishing breed characteristics
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