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"The Jab" is high profit for the veterinarian because it often leads to serious immune system breakdown and/or neurologial damageCIRCOVIRUS VACCINE COMING?


Ohio Ag Dept issued warning on Canine Circovirus, a contagious disease that has spread, killing 6 more dogs, but is there more to be feared than this virus?




December 17, 2013 | Staff


Is species-jumping Circovirus a forerunner to more new vaccines and bacterial anomalies that can sicken both people and pets?


Ohio Dept. of Agriculture communications director Erica Hawkins said “We have had numerous calls from all across the state.” Hawkins, who has been tracking what’s being called canine circovirus, warns that it can kill in as little as 48 hours from onset of symptoms. Since that news release, circovirus has spread and killed six dogs in Michigan.


Pigs are affected by a porcine circovirus but says it doesn’t resemble canine circovirus.Pigs are affected by a porcine circovirus but Iowa State Univ. says it doesn’t resemble canine circovirus that much. There is however, one interesting common denominator.


According to Wikipedia [1] “PCV-2 (first isolated in 1997) actually causes PMWS, as infection with the virus alone causes no clinical signs; it appears to work synergistically with parvovirus, perhaps with parvovirus activating a latent form of circovirus or weakening the immune system enough for PCV to take hold.”


What Are The Symptoms Of Circovirus?


According to veterinarians, “symptoms of canine circovirus include vomiting, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and lethargy.” The disease “also results in fluid collection in the abdomen and around the lungs,” said Ohio veterinarian Melanie Butera.


How Contagious Is This Virus?


Circovirus is extremely contagious but is it zoonotic?  Scientists aren't sure yet...Akron Beacon Journal reports “Samples from one of Dr. Butera's patients are being analyzed and compared to samples from dogs that died in California, possibly from the same disease.


Dr. Butera, owner of Elm Ridge Animal Hospital says circovirus was so recently discovered there is “not much information about how it is getting around.”


Ohio Ag Dept. director Hawkins agrees, stating what is most concerning to veterinarians and health officials is that no one knows “where it came from and how it spreads.” To savvy dog owners, circovirus is sounding a lot like “Dog Show Crud” first reported in TheDogPress in 2005. That strange virus attacked handlers and dogs during the Central Florida show circuit. Many believe it was a University Of Florida release during research on what would eventually be marketed as canine flu vaccine. The History Of Canine Flu Vaccine is guaranteed to fill in a lot of blanks in the mysteries which surround such sudden, inexplicable new animal (and human) viruses.


Where Did Canine Circovirus Come From?


Some veterinarians are relating circovirus to both parvo and Norovirus (aka Norwalk Virus) the notorious diarrhea-causing “stomach flu” associated with cruise ships.


The internet is flooded with mysterious seal, whale, and porpoise deaths.The internet is flooded with mysterious seal, whale, and porpoise deaths. Among over 800,000 reports, this one sums it up: “A massive string of dead dolphins along the East Coast is most likely due to cetacean morbillivirus, a marine strain of a virus similar to measles ...” In fact, no cause of death has been confirmed and in the meantime, there are over a million returns echoing “dead seals and sea lions washing up on the west coast.”


Marine biologists worked overtime this summer to determine why there are “five times as many beached seal pups” and so many adult sea lions are dying. No answer as of this report.


Before you rush to get parvo boosters [2] for your pets, hoping that will somehow protect your dog from canine circovirus, consider this. Pig farmers were relieved when Fort Dodge Animal Health “launched the first USDA approved vaccine in 2006, containing an inactivated virus.”  Now pigs are affected by the porcine circovirus. 


There may be a vaccine for Canine Circovirus on the horizon.  Or who knows?  This may be just another odd story blown out of proportion by hype for more pharmaceuticals.  We will keep you informed if it turns out to be


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Ref [2] Parvo Virus (1978) Parvo Vaccine History


For more information on laboratory-created viruses, have a chat with medical "fiction" author Dr. Robin Cook… or you could explore Lyme Disease History - Plum Island Government Research.  If you're in a hurry, click  ii Instant Information on 30+ Vaccine Induced Diseases


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