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A Passion for Dogs

A Journey Of Disovery

by Graham Mabbutt


350 pages long, lavishly illustrated in full colour. Priced at $56 USD (45.50) which includes postage.


This book makes the Ultimate gift for the dog enthusiast! Limited Edition ~ only 500 signed copies.


Graham wrote this book for enjoyment and perhaps to even learn a little, not only for the enthusiast or would be dog companion owner, but also for those who have an aversion to dogs, and as a tribute to the selfless devotion of the domestic dog to man.


It's a book of reference, meandering on a journey of discovering dogs and the dog scene in the year 2000.  Leading you down the path of anecdotal (sometime humorous) knowledge to understanding and liking dogs, even those that are dog phobic and also the anti-dog brigades.


Most of all this book will give you and understanding of good character and soundness, free from hereditary defect within breed type.


Personally being reviewed by Barbara J. Andrews, Journalist, AKC Master Breeder, SAAB Member, who says, "I've just stated reading the first few pages and already find this book to be one of the most educational reads ever!"


Email Graham Mabbutt to request your limited/autographed edition today. or Mr. Mabbutt’s book A Passion For Dogs is available at

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