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Boker Plus Mini Slik Fixed Blade Knife

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Explore the history of the odachi and its use, and find out where to buy it online.

The Carolingian Sword or Viking Sword was one of the most popular swords used in the Early Middle Ages. The double-edged, one-handed blade was among the most advanced weapons of its day. The designs of the swords, like the ulfberth were probably created in lower Rhine areas of modern-day Germany, and then passed down to the rest of Europe's soldiers.

This is how it works.

In the 14th century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the kandao is described as a chopping blade or saber. The term kandao, even though we don't know how it looked, is probably an alternative name for dadao.

It's called Malware because it is malicious software that can hack your computer or cause damage. This is a horrible name for a join blade. I'm so afraid of malware that I won't recommend looking for this knife online because you could be exposed to malware attacks.

Now, the best parts and pieces of Tamahagane are sent to an experienced professional swordsmith. The process of heating, hammering and folding the steel is repeated multiple times. When the steel is struck, sparks fly. These are impurities in the Tamahagane Steel (air bubbles).

Akinake, a double-edged straight shortsword that is sometimes called a dagger was used widely in ancient Persia, and spread quickly throughout the ancient world. It is usually between 15 and 20 inches long (35-50cm), but can sometimes reach up to 23 inches.

Forging is an important step in the katana production process, as it influences its uniqueness and structural properties. Discover the different forges that each bring distinct nuances.

The blade is opened by Spyderco鈥檚 ambidextrous round hole and remains japanese swords engaged thanks to a durable back lock.
The name comes from the Turkish word for sword, pala. Peter the Great provided this type of sword to his new dragoons. Peter the Great imported swords from other countries, but also produced them in Russia. This was a cavalryman’s sword that was heavily used in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

with a straight edge that can be pierced. This blade shape is surprisingly versatile and can be carried every day.