Since its inaugural issue, SHOWSIGHT has been called "The Architectural Digest of Dogdom," but we're more than just another pretty page. ShowSight's team of writers is unmatched for experience, talent, and reputation, and our design is second to none.


Voted "Most Beatiful Dog Publication In The World" (Moscow Magazine Convention 1998), ShowSight has the beauty of a glossy magazine, the impact of an important daily newspaper, and the keepsake qualities of a collector's edition. Within our pages you will find the nation's top dogs and the nation's top dog writers; we also devote a great deal of space to charitable foundations and research organizations.


We also have the nation's most complete point system by dogs defeated at shows. We're more than just a magazine about dogs; we are a magazine produced by dog lovers for dog lovers. It's no surprise that ShowSight is the number one all-breed publication - we give more and try harder. At ShowSight we are dedicated to seeing purebred dogs thrive in the new millennium; it's evident in everything we do. Subscribe to ShowSight Magazine, and you'll see why we can justly say...SHOWSIGHT MAGAZINE...NOTHING ELSE EVEN COMES CLOSE.