Kim Lindemoen



Kim has rescued dog with actors and Mercy Crusades for over 10 Years. She was an Obedience instructor for 20 years. Her Sheltie “Timmy” and German Shepherd “Shep” had titles and won many competitive awards. Shep was rescued by Kim and she credits him as the dog that taught her how to teach movie dog tricks.


Kim started showing Chow Chows in 1980 she currently shows and breeds English Bulldogs. Annie was the first Bulldog Kim ever showed and she put 116 best of breeds, 50 group placements and a BIS over 2066 dogs, all owner handled. Annie was the top bulldog bitch for 3 years. Annie's father was Buford who stared in the TV show JAKE AND THE FATMAN.


Kim's Briard “Treasure” played ANNABEL on GENERAL HOSPITAL and RUFF in the movie DENNIS THE MENACE. Kim’s Basset Hound “Solo” starred in the movie COLUMBO and her Wirehaired Fox terrier “Chips” was in the movie JACK FROST. Kim trained and owns “Puffer” the dog in the comedy of the year SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. Puffy’s real name is “Slammer” and the Border Terrier brought the house down with the best attack scene in a movie with her great co-star Ben Stiller. Slammer was nominated by the MTV awards for that scene.


The famous trainer Carl Spitz Sr., who trained the dog in the Wizard of Oz, took Kim under his wing and taught her all about training the movie dog. Carl trained Asta in the THIN MAN and is a true legend.