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Documented ties between HSUS, PETA, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Environmental Liberation Front (ELF) and now we have ISIS?





Barbara (BJ) Andrews, Science Editor, SAAB, AKC Master Breeder


Insidious enemies are among us, protected by politicians who don't or won't understand the threat of Animal Rights terrorists and ISIS.


Animal Rights terrorists seek to destroy our Democracy


May 2017 update: In 2011 there was 911 and America suffered our first major act of terrorism.  I said then that political enemies have always been among us, working to undermine our culture and corrupt our judiciary but I was talking about subversive "animal rights" advocates, not ISIS. 


Today I wonder it they haven't all crawled out of the same hole.


We now see "animal rights" terrorists as  part of a global agenda to subvert every "free" culture. Read the History Of Animal Rights {Ref #1} Think for a moment.  In your mind you can picture at least a half dozen attacks so far this year. World-wide there were 387 attacks resulting in 2,456 fatalities. Last year the worst terror attack was the June, 2016 nightclub slaughter (49 killed, 53 wounded) in Orlando. In 2017 there is increasing political unrest, weekly protest marches (many obscene or violent) and rights-restrictive legislation sweeping the country.  Animal rights protests are diminished in the headlines by the horrors above.


When this was first written in March 2012, dog owners were just beginning to grasp what "animal rights" really meant.  Five years ago ISIS wasn't a news headline because President Obama refused to call them "terrorists."  President Trump is a realist and every cognizant person now recognizes ISIS as domestic terrorists because they are sheltered here, actually protected even though as non-citizens, they have no Constitutional Rights. Many are immigrants converted by Islam to slither under the radar here, in Europe and other Christian nations. Your neighbor or co-worker may be a domestic terrorist waiting for the word to attack.


Hindsight being 20/20 you now see the Animal Rights movement as another political process intended to destroy democracy in the free world. Where savvy parents once worried about PETA in our schools, today they fear subversive radicals in colleges across the nation.  They have reason to worry about professors who shape their child's mind and political convictions (think Harvard professor Cass Sunstein) resulting in the recent riots at Berkley and other college campuses.


ISIS watched, and smiled, seeing how easy we were to fool.


It doesn't take eyeglasses to see that Animal Rights was only gearing up in 2012.  Now, in 2017 HSUS advertisements are everywhere on TV.  Why?  Obviously they need more money to make up for loss of their non-profit tax status this year - now that Lois Lerner is no longer covering for them! (see below)  And every week you hear about some new ISIS attack. This is not to suggest there's a connection between animal rights, domestic terrorists, and ISIS. Heavens no...


Animal rights activists are no longer marching because they are largely controlled by aging "rights" advocates who know who can be "influenced." Today they work in legislative stealth, moving their people into positions of power, which in the long term, is far more effective.  Consider that the once rebellious, restless, anti-establishment youths of the 70s (like Ingrid Newkirk), are increasingly led by militant legal scholars and professorial mind-shapers. 


Cass Sunstein, {Ref #2] President Obama’s Regulatory Czar, comes easily to mind when glimpsing the face of radical animal rights.  This is the guy who says animals should be able to sue their owners in court.  And in fact, animal rights advocates are taking to the courts and "befriending" legislators more than ever before.  The result is that the liberties our founders once fought for are disappearing like meaty bones in a lion's cage.


Americans are well informed but increasingly misled.  The media is accountable to advertisers, many of whom are part of the political problem. When exploring the net we must literally "consider the source" because many dog-related websites are not what they seem to be. This one, the world’s first dog-site, informed dog owners and breeders about the politics of the “animal rights” threat in 1998.


That is why we added this Domestic Terrorists section. Take a minute to ponder 2+2 and see if it adds up...


Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was founded in England in 1976 by convicted bomber Ronnie Lee. ALF has cells in 20 countries but they made the FBI Terrorist List in 1987 and by the 90s the  FBI named ALF as the #1 Domestic Terrorist threat . Given how many international spies and anti-American cults were among us, that’s pretty darned significant!  During a 2000 BBC documentary, David Barbarash, Animal Liberation Front Spokesman, openly advocated violent protest. In February 2002, the FBI Domestic Terrorism Section Chief testified before the House Counterterrorism Division stating “During the past several years, special interest extremism, as characterized by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), has emerged as a serious terrorist threat.


March 31, 2008, in testimony before committee the FBI stated “It remains ... the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat, because they have successfully continued to conduct different types of attacks in and around the country.” The FBI estimates that ALF and ELF had at that time, committed more than 600 criminal acts in the United States, resulting in damages in excess of 43 million dollars.


People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) a non-profit, non-taxable entity, donates to ALF and ELF and shares many of the same members. That should not surprise anyone because by their own words, PETA defines itself “Arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are 'acceptable crimes' when used for the animal cause.” - Alex Pacheco, Director, PETA. The 70s activist, Ingrid Newkirk admits “Our nonviolent tactics are not as effective.” I know, you’ve read all those quotes before but have you heard “It's not about loving animals... My whole goal is for humans to have as little contact as possible with animals” from Gary Yourofsky, PETA's national lecturer?


I’ll bet you didn’t know that one of the major contributors to PETA is the Tides Foundation, described by as “one that strains the boundaries of U.S. tax law in the pursuit of its leftist, activist goals.” If you don’t have the inside scoop on George Soros and the Tides Foundation, prepare to put the pieces of a nasty puzzle together. Are you game? Today President Trump calls him out by name, alleging that it is Soros who pays protesters who, were they not paid, might have a job!  Keep reading but later type TheDogPress/Tides in your browser bar or Google it. 


The Tides Foundation behaves less like a philanthropy than a money-laundering enterprise (apologies to Procter & Gamble), taking money from other foundations and spending it as the donor requires. Called “donor-advised giving”, this pass-through funding vehicle provides public-relations insulation for tax-dodging animal rights and donors who hope to see the collapse of the United States Of America. With HSUS's Lois Lerner at the helm of IRS {Ref #3} political and dog groups were targeted.  She's gone but now ISIS is an even bigger threat than animal right and HSUS. 


The Humane Society Of The United States (HSUS) should be on your radar but you’d be surprised how many of your friends and puppy buyers make that $19 per month automatic contribution.


Did you know that in March 2009, HSUS launched a 34 state offensive to invade breeder’s homes WITHOUT A WARRANT to seize dogs and bank records and see to it that steep fines or jail sentences were imposed, often without due process? Remember the two east coast dog show judges who were raided and tried in local kangaroo courts under judges whose campaigns were likely funded by HSUS? Oh? You didn’t make the connection?


Did you know that HSUS employs ALF criminals like John “J.P.” Goodwin, former Animal Liberation Front spokesman? Well, now you know how to Google TheDogPlace for an in-depth report on HSUS and Goodwin, courtesy of the Fur Commission. 


And do you know about the shadowy billionaire (instant information) ii Maurice Strong HSUS Board member and One World Government leader. Not interested in politics?  I know, it is confusing and often contradictory.  It is meant to be that way...  but when it comes to your personal liberties and your bank account, you'll want to read Cozad's in-depth report on Agenda 21 and Animal Rights Connection. In 2013, the USDA-APHIS connection was made clear in HSUS Political Power Revealed.


This should take your mind off who won what this weekend or where you should send that new special. I know, it isn’t nearly as much fun but if you want to keep breeding and showing your dogs, it would behoove you to become informed and yep, even to “get involved” to protect what you love.


We've been so blind that we now have Animal Rights politicians embedded in most states, right next to ISIS terrorists.  It pays to be informed if you love the wonderful freedoms we enjoy, like animal ownership, breeding, and dog shows.


Reference and Related Article Information: {1} Animal Rights History {2} Cass Sunstein, Communications and Regulatory Czar


{3} HSUS's Lois Lerner Director of IRS VIDEO!  {4} Judges Charged With Animal Cruelty

Reprinted Courtesy ShowSight Magazine, Jan. 2012

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