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Hurricane Katrina taught us many lessons in 2005.  In fact, the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina will be with us for years.  Thousands of animals lost their lives or their families.  We saw the underbelly of so-called humane groups.  As Hurricane Isaac floods homes in 2012, we are reminded of what we learned from Hurricane Katrina.

Albers on Katrina 9/21 Update
Diane exposes current problems in Gonzales and other intake points.  HSUS creating roadblocks, supplies missing, dogs confirmed there but gone when owners arrive.  Frustration and lessons to be learned.  Now Rita.


Dogs Held Hostage by HSUS
This crossed the news desk 9/23 and bears out everything reported to Diane Albers (see 9/23 Update) Alert: Bullmastiff and other breed club rescue people


AKC On-Scene - Exclusive interviews with AKC's home office and the men in the field.  What they are doing, how they are coordinating, and what about the dogs that are stranded and dying right before our eyes?  A look from the inside.


Diane Albers On Katrina
If there's one person who's "been there, done that" it is this FEMA coordinator, dog woman, and disaster expert.  Also more contact info and updates on the Gulf Coast.


God Moved People and Business
How one person turned an idea into a truck loaded with supplies from Costco, Petsmart, Walmart and what it meant to this group.  Drive the interstate, meet the people, and see what they saw through this family's eyes.  Yes, it was a God-send.

HSUS Under Investigation  timeline 3/06 Details on Louisiana Attorney General's inquiry, plus first-hand accounts re HSUS's failure on-site from Katrina workers!


Offers & Needs
Where we all come together.  Current offers of help and contact information for other donation centers.  And most important, please for help.  Let's get everyone together - literally!


Plea from Bullmastiff VP & more on HSUS
Not pointing fingers, just asking the obvious, a rationale plea for help for dogs transferred to God knows where, dogs that are still in "shelter" and can't be helped, an AKC presence would be appreciated, and what we learn from all of this!


AKC Relief and Support
Moving quickly, AKC rushes personnel and supplies to the site.  AKC/CAR donates $25,000 to Take The Lead to distribute.  Sent "thousands of supplies" to stricken area.


On-Site Update - Good news

This Just In from the Judges List.  On-site Report on the wonderful work they are doing.


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