Tips, Tools and Technique, save time and money by grooming your own dog. Professional groomer tips on nail clipping, teeth cleaning, shedding, hair control and huggability!




Respect Your Groomer

Your dog groomer deserves your appreciation, respect and generosity for all they do for your pet.



Dog Groomer Insight

Humorous but factual from nipping to clipping - it's the second most dangerous doggy profession!


Teeth Cleaning, Risk vs. Benefit

Keep teeth clean to protect against heart disease and anesthesia risk!


Dog Grooming: Haircoat, Shedding

Grooming your own dog for shedding, health and huggability! Judge Fred Lanting keeps it simple. Pt 1


Dog Grooming: Cleaning Ears...

Treating for fleas & mites, geriatric dogs, hormone effects on skin, body odor. Pt 2


Dog Grooming: Teeth & Toenails

Dog show judge says cleaning your dog’s teeth and trimming nails preserves dental and tendon health. Pt 3


No-Drama Nail Trimming

Long toenails cause painful pastern arthritis, how to clip nails at home, saving money and stress.


Winter Coat Care

Professional groomer on bathing, itchy dry-heat skin, shedding, coat and foot care.


Eye Stains Easily Gone

Ugly tear tracks change your dog's expression but you can make it go away!


Pet Been Skunked?

Vinegar or tomato juice doesn't really work on skunk odor but this does...


Grooming Rules Ignored

It's not just AKC exhibitors faking color and using foreign substances.


Grooming Show!Grooming Show Shanghai

SAAB Member Lana Tsan takes readers to China for an exclusive look behind the silken curtain.


Green Air For Groomers

They are exposed to sprays and chemicals but these house plants (PHOTOS) can save your lungs.


AKC Grooming Rule Violations

Is the rule on altering coats and foreign substances selectively enforced? Should this top handler be suspended for forbidden grooming?



Breeder-Judge on toe nail care to prevent foot damage which judges see as neglect!


Reiki Bodywork WORKS!

You know it works on a whole different level but do you know what it can do for your dog?


Show Grooming The Akita

Not a “wash and wear” breed, this breeder-pro handler reveals how to do it right and win big!


Grooming The AHT

Grooming a hairless dog is easy but keeping the skin healthy and beautiful is essential.


Grooming The Coton de Tulear

Expert instruction and the right grooming tools make coat care easy and relaxing for you and your Coton.


gGrooming The Poodle

Photos, the right clippers, grooming tools, and how to work the poodle coat. From tools to toenails, learn from a pro.


Dental Care In Toy Dogs

Grooming and tooth care in Toy breed dogsWhen to pull retained or crooked baby teeth, photos show proper tooth alignment, cleaning, and much more...


Courthouse to Doghouse

Your own grooming shop? Kathy's experience going from medical career to pet grooming!



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