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EMF And Cancer Connection

by Barbara J. Andrews, AKC Master Breeder, SAAB member


The adverse effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields, both psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (normal functions of living organisms), are significant but suppressed in medically-funded studies on the association between EMF exposure, autism, leukemia, and cancer.


EMF studies began in 1960 when biological hazards were first recognized (outside of industry) as a serious health issue. One oft-referenced study by the National Center for Biotechnology came to this conclusion: Our results provide little evidence that living in homes characterized by high measured time-weighted average magnetic-field levels or by the highest wire-code category increases the risk of (ALL cancers) in children. {Ref #1}


Should we take that at face-value and quit looking up at those high-power lines and worrying about all the electronic gadgets inside our homes, cars and workplace?


Or should we check with fearless doctors such as Dr. John Reif, D.V.M. Colorado State University of Veterinary Medicine professor? In an extensive study of canine lymphoma, Dr. Reif and his team concluded that EMF radiation exposure can be causative. Further investigation revealed that old or faulty wiring systems in the homes of affected dogs was significantly higher.


If you’re over 50 you may have noted that the cancer rate has doubled since our grandparents died of old age when the heart gave out.


Medical and biotech studies are looking at unshielded wiring and all the TVs, radios, cookers, computers, stereos and heating systems in our homes. Sadly, most reports are downplaying that which they cannot change… BUT... see NIH (Nat. Institute Of Health), NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) and other tax funded U.S. governmental health agencies which are legally required to do unbiased research.


Can you imagine the impact of lawsuits against architects, builders, and building inspectors? To our point, what have you, as an informed and inquisitive dog owner, read lately about the cancer rate in domestic animals?


Remember the coal miner’s canaries? Our house pets are the canaries of modern life because they more quickly reflect the adverse effects of electromagnetic pulses. As dog owners, you are probably aware of all the previously non-existent cancer specialties but you may not make the connection between your pets or someone in your family who seems “off” emotionally or physically. Start with this Instant Information on ii EMF Exposure Symptoms and be safer.


Common sense tells you that studies don’t happen unless a problem is suspected - or a potential class action lawsuit needs to be minimized to keep the people ignorantly happy. See footnotes on residential exposure to magnetic fields and risk of canine lymphoma {Ref #2} but first…


What Are EMFs And What Is The Risk?


ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM: Electromagnetic Frequencies are sort of like sound waves. For instance when an opera singer hits the right note, they can shatter glass! All objects and animate matter (such as you or your dog) resonate at specific frequencies.


Electromagnetic Frequencies are sort of like sound waves. Consider this; when an opera singer hits the right note, it will shatter a crystal glass! What’s really fascinating is that all objects and animate matter (such as you or your dog) resonate at specific frequencies.


Most are not as brittle as glass so they don’t shatter but even a rock vibrates (at a rock’s frequency) and emits energy. (see Machu Pinchu below)


Many geographical areas are world famous because of that energy. From the famous healing energy of Intihuatana {Ref #3} (the healing stone of Machu Picchu in the Andes) to the palpable vortexes in Sedona AZ, such natural wonders are in fact, so wondrous that they defy explanation. Scientists, physicists, and medical doctors who study such phenomenon unanimously agree on one thing; all matter vibrates at recordable electromagnetic frequencies.


Ley lines and Curry lines (global grid lines discovered by Drs. Curry and Whitman) crisscross the globe, emitting powerful EMFs. {Ref #4}


Tune In To Your Animal’s Vibrations

So what do all these weird vibrations and energy fields have to do with our animals or more specifically, the soaring cancer rate? Plenty. You now know that animals are “naturally” attuned to electromagnetic frequencies. That is what allows birds and whales to unerringly navigate vast distances. You know about “Lassie Come Home” but did you know that salmon hatch, find their way to the ocean, and then return to fight their way upstream to spawn exactly where they were born?


Famous navigators like salmon, dolphins, bees and birds have tiny magnetite crystals in their heads (or bellies) which pick up frequencies that allow them to navigate unerringly. Sadly, humans are so far removed from nature don’t miss our electromagnetic power and we rarely notice EMF fields. Perhaps we should. One of the most powerful EMF fields is emitted by the hairdryer we regularly direct at our brain…


Now that you know about Ley Lines and magnetite you can begin to understand the “impossible” homing instinct and navigational skills of birds, insects, and many animals. That said, nothing in science has been able to explain how dogs travel hundreds of miles to find (cursed!) owners that moved and left them behind. We found this obscure attempt at explaining the navigational phenomenon “Scientists report that dog-like carnivores and some primate species may have a magnetic compass similar to that of birds.


But what about the vibes (energy) dogs pick up from us? You know they do. When you are sad or sick, your dog is quietly by your side. You feel comforted and if you are really tuned in, you become aware of the calming vibrations he is emitting and unconsciously; you reach out and touch him. Yeah, it’s a thoughtless caress but from that simple touch you draw in more of the soothing energy he is sending.


Your dog knows and understands your laughter better than you recognize his. You see only physical signs - wagging tail, sparkling eyes, open mouth, and lolling tongue. Do you “sense” his utter enjoyment of the moment when he’s stretched out soaking up the sun on a crisp day. Can you read his reaction when he’s reading messages on the corner telephone pole?


Probably not.


You’re too busy with a cacophony of thoughts, what needs to be done at work, the grocery list, or that speeding ticket. But wait, did you pick up something from your child? Do you sense something gone awry in your spousal relationship? You make mental connections, consciously or not. When you are enjoying the company of loved ones or close friends, you are soaking up good vibrations and positive energy.


Unfortunately, EMF can also affect your health and the reproductive health and behavior of your dogs. For more information, type TheDogPlace/EMF into your search engine and read more about electromagnetic fields, animals, and your health!


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