About the Author

Diane Klumb is
Co-Captain of the H.E.A.R.T. team, and has been a breeder of sporting dogs (primarily Gordon Setters) since 1969. She and her husband Bill have produced dozens of bench champions, field titles and top producers under the kennel prefix Bydand over the last thirty years while operating a Hunting Lodge and gundog training kennel.


Diane has primarily been involved over the last year with collecting the pedigrees and CERF data that were needed by Dr. Gelatt to determine mode of inheritance for cataracts in this breed. According to her, anyone who still does not believe that this is an autosomal recessive gene needs to take it up with Dr. Gelatt, as his Curriculum Vitae speaks for itself.


Diane is a professional dog artist, presents seminars on canine anatomy, and is a monthly columnist for ShowSight Magazine. She is currently serving time as Recording Secretary for the Havanese Club of America and is AKC Judges' Education Coordinator for the breed.