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1981 - Project: Vaccines began as a personal crusade initiated by an implausible explanation for the first parvo virus outbreak, said to have occurred at the collie national specialty. Writing for the dog fancy's first newspaper, Barbara Andrews immediately reported the dark side of the pharmaceutical industry in The Dog.  Fellow columnist Dr. Erbeck wrote that parvovirus came from a laboratory, not from a mysterious mutation as stated by the vaccine manufacturers.


1982 Andrews reported a simultaneous parvovirus outbreak in England which proved Dr. Erbeck was right.  With limited air travel at that time (plus 12 months quarantine) it was virtually impossible for parvovirus to erupt on two continents at the same time.


Writing for the AKC Gazette, Kennel Review, Canine Chronicle, and Dog World Magazine, Andrews led the quest for vaccine verification.  When internet went public, she launched the world’s first dog-site in 1998 (TheDogPlace.org) and exposed Profit Protocols in 1999.  The Vaccine Index in 2000 and The Vaccine Project in 2001.


2002 - TheDogPlace published first report of antibiotic-resistant disease caused by veterinary vaccine and exposed non-core vaccines profit protocol.

2003 - The National Pet Press (Press Publications) covered the risks of veterinary vaccines.

2004 - TheDogPress.com (the first digital newspaper) joined in vaccine reportage.

2005 - TheDogPlace supported the Rabies Challenge Fund, publicized Senator Kennedy's warnings on mercury in vaccines and the vaccine-autism connection, broke the story on Canine Flu vaccine, and articles from pioneering veterinary vaccine authorities began to pour in.

2006 - The American Animal Hospital Assoc. (veterinary licensing board) finally caved and published its official position on "core" and "non-core" vaccines which TheDogPlace.org released along with new vaccine protocols adopted by the AVMA.

2008 - TheDogPress reported the unspeakable truth about “outbreaks” of swine flu, bird flu, anthrax, etc.

2009 - TheDogPress laid it all out in The History Of Canine Flu

2010 - TheDogPlace launched a video on Vaccine Induced Disease, (VID) and introduced "Leptomania", Dr. Blake's Cancer, Autoimmune & Vaccinations and blew the lid off the Whooping Cough/Bordatella epidemic in CA!

2011 - TheDogPress exposed Lyme Disease, including government biological weapons research at Plum Island CT, Montauk Monster, massive fish and bird suicides, etc.

2012 - TheDogPress.com reports Plum Island moving to the cattle belt to study foot (hoof) and mouth disease and refuted "new distemper strain" hoax.

2013 - TheDogPlace publishes Vaccine Reaction Essay and pictorial on VID. TheDogPress reports neurological vaccine damage, CDC/FDA admissions of failure and 300% increase in autism.

2014 - VetMeds Startling Statistics: Over 167,000 Adverse Reaction incidents reported in veterinary medication and prescriptions are the fourth leading cause of human death. 

2015 TheDogPress.com broke the story on the CDC and FDA National Adult Immunization Plan in Measles Vaccine Hype

2016 TheDogPlace.org "...in 2002 the averages for autism was 1 in 110 children. Now, the average autism rate is 1 in 54!" and Viken revealed Vaccines and Pharmaceutical Exploitation



Today, brave doctors and veterinarians around the world join us in exposing the health risks of over-vaccination.


We thank Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, Jane Barber, DVM Theriogenologist, Roberta Lee, PhD, ND, and other valued contributors for sharing their professional expertise.


The "last word" is this VACCINE SCAM VIDEO wherein they actually admit that vaccines contain cancer causing contaminates...

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