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The World's First Purebred Dog Websites


NetPlaces began in 1998 with TheDogPlace.org followed by TheDogPress.com and TheJudgesPlace.com, thus completing the spectrum of quality purebred dog ownership and dog sports.


TheDogPlace.org (for your quick reference, links on this page open in window) was one of the first public "websites" launched when the military/collegian internet first went public.  In 1999 the site initiated the first listing of dog breeders and services, the Dog-e-Book Directory.  In 2000 the Network launched TransPort© enabling show breeders to safely and affordably transport their dogs to handlers and new owners. It was discontinued in 2006 after facebook launched.


TheDogPress.com launched in 2002 (AKC still did not have a website). Place and Press were the first American websites allowed to be accessed by the people of China, thanks to our Science and Advisory Board Member Lana Tsan, President of The China Kennel Club.


TheJudgesPlace.com opened in 2005 as the first site by, for, and about judges. (There were no judges group websites and AKC still hadn't developed a web presence.)


National Pet Press, a multi-species print edition, was introduced at the 2008 Westminster show but was discontinued in 2009 when postage rates nearly doubled.


By 2016 The NetPlaces Network dominated the global internet with top search engine ratings for reliable, certified information on all facets of quality purebred dog ownership.




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