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The world's first dog-site (1998),, was followed by and which completed the full spectrum of dog news and information. launched on the Gallat satellite in 1998. The only other "websites" were Collegian and Military. There were no network news sites, no AOL, no chat lists, etc. first edition was 2002. The people of China were granted unprecedented access to "American news" through SAAB Member Lana Tsan. AKC, UKC, and TKC had no website. opened in 2005.  "Judges Education" became a new phrase with unparalleled  meaning and opportunity. There were still no registry (AKC, UKC, TKC) websites.


Today The NetPlaces Network dominates the global internet with documented information on all facets of purebred dog ownership, health, training, breeding, and exhibition. Over 1.2 million people "visited" and used NetPlaces Network in 2018.

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