Instant Information: Maurice Strong's connections to George Soros, author of UN Agenda 21 (One World government) and avowed intent to collapse the United States.


ii Maurice Strong


Strong is a self declared socialist who as of 2007, is living in China.  He is best known for his "long and murky career" with the United Nations. A close ally of Secretary General Koffi Annan and a series of scandals which included taking money from Saddam Hussein's U.N. sanctioned regime.(1)


Maurice Strong is known to dog breeders as a Board Member of the Humane Society Of The US (HSUS) where he is believed to influence HSUS's legislative blockades against animal breeders. Strong supported and predicted "the collapse of America" through the United Nation's Agenda 21(2)  and similar anti-America plans.


The Canadian Free Press(3) reported Strong's business partnership with George Soros (Strong & Soros in Business: A Partnership from Hell, CFP, June 15, 2006) designed to "destroy the American auto industry by flooding the U.S. with cheap Chinese-made cars." As of 2018 many would say he succeeded if we also factor in Japan.


Maurice Strong has almost as much impact on average Americans as the air that they breathe... One World Government begins and ends with Maurice Strong. George Soros is merely the financier.” said Glen Beck on his top rated television show.  But popularity is no match for political power...  Fox News cancelled his top rated show but this You Tube link shows the connection between George Soros and Maurice Strong (10 minutes) watch now or explore "the rest of the story" below and come back to this page.


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