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Fish for your health, your pets, and your checkbook!

People who eat two servings of fish per week, especially salmon, herring, or mackerel, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, are an astounding 36% less likely to die of heart attack.

Your pet may not be at risk for heart disease but here’s another amazing study statistic; Two servings of fish per week lowers the risk for death from any cause by 17%. Fish is part of a natural diet for all carnivores. If you doubt that, just ask your cat! Canned herring and mackerel are inexpensive compared to other seafood, beef, pork or lamb – or any pet food which is largely grain or corn based.

If you use dry food, you can boost nutritional and health benefits by flavoring it with human-quality, low cost fish. An occasional can of mackerel or a tin of herring will make your pet think you’ve turned into Santa! ~ Andrews


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