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If the enzyme is a protein, denaturing it at high temperatures alters the shape and prevents it from performing its function.


Adding denatured ingredients to pet food sounds contradictory but it is sometimes used as a "filler" by cheap-brand dog food makers. Activated charcoal is sometimes used in some commercially prepared dog food products to absorb any toxins the dog has ingested and lessen any adverse effects.  When reading pet food labels, be alert for terms such as denatured, charcoal, or liqichar.


A product called LIQICHAR is FDA approved for use in pet food. There is scant information on the trademarked form.


As is it generally used, the term denaturing is the process of rendering foodstuffs inedible or taste-aversive through unwinding the proteins, adding bitterants, acids, or other substances distasteful to the animal or human palate.

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