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ii BUSTER ALERT circa 2006


MDRI flaw found in herding breeds is a genetic defect which allows deadly drug reactions to occur, associated with ivermectin, Heartguard, etc.


"MDR1 flaw, drug reactions, death. … the mission, undertaken in Buster's name, is to make a difference in the health and welfare of other herding breed dogs, just like Amber did for children everywhere. Folks, you all need to know this yesterday, not tomorrow: IT'S NOT JUST IVERMECTIN!! Molecular biological research is proving that many herding breed dogs suffer a genetic flaw called MDR1 - multiple drug resistance deficiency. In sum, the barrier (P-glycoprotein) that protects the brain by transporting a variety of drugs from the brain tissues back into the capillaries is flawed. This is the root cause of the disastrous neurological effects, including death, caused by the ingestion of ivermectin. But, IT'S NOT JUST IVERMECTIN (also known as Avermectin, and the anti-parasitic used in the trade name drug Heartguard and commonly used to treat demodic mange).   It's also almost certainly these drugs (alternate names, common usage, and trade names follow the generic name):


"Flagyl; Rozex; Metrogel, Butorphanol (pain relief after spay/neuter; cough suppressant and canine flu) Torbutol; Butorphic; Dolorex; Morphasol; Turbogesic Acepromazine (tranquilizer/calming agent and pre-anesthetic) Ace; ACP; Atravet Cyclosporine or Ciclosporin (allergy treatment/immunosuppresant) Sandimmune; Neoral; Cicloral; Gengraf; Restasis, Vinblastine and Vincristine (chemotherapy for cancers & leukemia) cancer regimens called CHOP and Stanford V, Doxorubicin or Adriamycin or Hydroxyldaunorubicin (chemotherapy for cancers & leukemia) Doxil; cancer regimens called ABVD, CHOP, and FAC Loperamide (diarrhea) Imodium; Lopex; Dimor; Pepto, Digoxin (heart ailments) Digitalis (Foxglove) family.


"Additionally, neurotoxicity in dogs with the MDR1 genetic flaw is suspected to have been caused by: Ondansetron (nausea and vomiting) Zofran; Emeset; Emetron; Ondemet , omperidone (nausea, vomiting, and to stimulate lactation) Motilium, Paclitaxel (cancer) Taxol; Abraxane Mitoxantrone (cancer/leukemia) Etoposide (cancer/leukemia) Eposin; Etopophos; Vepeside; VP-16 Rifampicin or Rifampin (antibiotic - infections, influenza, pneumonia, staph, meningitis) Rifadin; Rifater; Rimactane; Rifinah; Rimactazid Quinidine (heart) Morphine (pain relief, anesthesia, cough suppressant, anti-diarrheal, (shortness of breath) Domperidone (disorders of the gastrointestinal tract)"


The sender stipulates “any errors or omissions in the above are solely my doing, the credit for most of this information goes to: Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory Pullman, WA (Phone/FAX 509-335-3745) You can learn more about the MDR1 defect and about testing your herding breed dog by going to their website:


"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not leave it up to your vet to know this ... YOU must print this out and know about MDR1 ... it IS a matter of life or death. And, again, please cross-post widely. It's also not just Aussies - affected breeds include Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties), Australian Shepherds, Old English Sheepdogs, German Shepherds, Long-haired Whippets, Silken Windhounds, Skye Terriers, and a variety of mixed breed dogs.” 

 - end of email notice -


cautionary information is covered in Health Testing Hype and Fraud

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