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Dogs were created/evolved to serve mankind. They comfort us and protect us with loyalty unmatched in the animal kingdom.







and Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Dog Breeder, Cat Fancier, Horsewoman


It is HOW they are different that makes the dog man's best friend, co-worker, and symbol of unwavering loyalty.  Here's my take but tell us what makes YOUR dog different.


Tell us about your dog below or on facebook but first, let’s understand that people who cater to the whims and weirdness of a cat are not “owners.” They are indulgent caregivers, willing servants, but owners? Never! Even the court system recognizes the difference. TV Judge Wapner holds dog owners responsible for anything a dog does but cats have legal impunity.


Even with those highly trained TV cats that seem to come running for food, several takes are necessary because, well you know, cats are cats. I’ll bet trainers for cat food commercials put a piece of raw chicken liver in the bottom of the cat food bowl…


Cats are never quite domesticated whereas dogs are born that way.


A dog will follow you because you’re the pack leader and he respects and loves you. A horse will follow you for the oats. I showed a little at halter but mostly did the games. Barrel Racing, Keyhole, Polebending – the stuff where the only judge was a stop watch. I loved the honesty of timed events and I loved my horses.


But did I ever have one that would come when called unless I was holding the feed bucket? No.


Horses keep an eye on people because their hearts are still wildIn training horses I realized all those Walter Farley books were in fact works of fiction. Shucks, I have a friend that trained a Brahma bull to be ridden under saddle. That doesn't mean he liked her.  And like cats, horses don't protect you.


Horses and mules settled the west and won WWI for us but not a one went to war without a bit in its mouth.


So that settles that. Let's get back to dogs. Dogs have comforted mankind both physically and psychologically.


Here's the real test.  Think about going out and your dog is looking for his leash but is your horse thrilled when you hook to the trailer or is he gone? Is your cat concerned when you are sick or is he meowing at the empty food bowl?  OK, that pretty much settles that.


Well, wait, there is one more difference between dogs and any other domestic animal.  It is the dog's attachment to his human friends. He is willing to go into danger with you (think dogs of war), to stick with you through pain, suffering, even starvation. That is what we are to dogs.  We are friends.


Resting with our dogsOf course we care about our other animals but let's face it, they are incapable of loving us the way dogs do.  Only dogs want to be with us.  No other animal really prefers the company of man.  Think about that because it is mind-blowing significant.


The incredible emotional bond between man and dog is poignantly portrayed in this photo.


No earthly creature, not even your parents or your spouse, is as unselfishly devoted to you as is your dog.  It is in his DNA to love you. And puleeeze, don’t tell me how we devolved them into children and that’s why they are so dependent on humans. Who scripted those Animal Planet shows???


So, whatever your faith or beliefs, I think you'll agree, its as though the Creator knew that we were going to need one friend we could always count on and so He made a dog.


What do you believe?  What makes your dog special?  Do you have a hero dog? Service dog?  Does your dog communicate on a level beyond human speech?  Does your dog know when you are coming home?  Has your dog saved your family or protected your home?  You told us why your dog is different!


This comment session has been closed but here as some of the best responses.


Donna Favor : I found this by accident. Nice take, good information to make people appreciate each species but why don't you guys put this on facebook?


Marvin Stevens : Just got back from 2nd tour and a buddy sent me this page. The photograph is for real. My wife got rid of my dog while I was gone but I am looking for another dog. The wife I can live without! Nice site, good reading, carry on folks.


Charlene Dunlap : When I was a small child living on a ranch in southern Arizona, our family had a German Shepherd Dog named Butch who saved my life on three separate occasions. I was walking in the orchard along a grass-lined path when Butch jumped against my chest knocking me to the ground. Not five feet ahead on the path was a coiled rattlesnake. On another occasion, I was walking in a cattle pasture when a bull charged. I could feel its breath on my back as I frantically ran towards the fence some 30 feet distance. Butch ran in and grabbed the bull by the nose pulling its head aside until I could dart under the fence. The last occasion was in the winter and I was walking on ice covering a frozen pond. Butch kept barking and circling, pushing me back toward the shore. Just as my mother ran out and pulled me to safety, Butch fell through the ice. (He made it out okay.) I will forever remember and be grateful to that one amazing German Shepherd.


Denise: People may think dogs don't reason but they do. My husband was walking with the dog through the woods and was amazed when he observed him up ahead, sit and look around as if contemplating how he was going to get around where a tree had fallen in the path. Our dog proceeded to grab at a large branch with his mouth and move it from the path so he could saunter through. Now if that's not thought provoking, I don't know what is. Some people may tried to go around or climb over, but not the dog :)


Delilah : I have always said a dog is a special creation. I'm a cat person (my behavior is leave me alone too, unless I ask for something) Anyway... something I have found remarkable is no matter how badly they are treated, a dog will still love you, you can put several of them together and they get along (not counting boys when girls are in season!) but a cat... mistreat him and he's gone. And once a cat hates another cat they seem to hold that grudge forever but NOT a dog..


Stella Starr : I enjoyed this and understand that this is a dog site but cats are different too <smile>


Andy Waller : Did a quick read before work but I will be thinking about this today. I don't show and don't know how this got in my email but had to laugh when I finished reading. Not selling anything? You guys win, I gave my dog half of my egg biscuit this morning.

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