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Dog breeds are "grouped" by type or historical purpose. Why a Basenji is not a Beagle, facts on guard and protection breeds, which breeds are best with kids or for high-rise city living (and why that is not a Border Collie) FREE information and no sales hype at the world's FIRST dog-site!




Herding, Pastoral, Flock Guardian

They move and they gather and faithfully guard

Cattle and sheep and the kids in the yard.

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Hound, Scenthound, Sighthound

By sight or by scent, to tree or to ground,

There's nothing as sweet as the voice of a hound.

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Non-Sporting, Utility

Hunter or herder or boat dog of Norse,

His job of today is the family of course!

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Primitive & Pariah

Old as the dingo, wild as the wind,

Wise as Coyote, man's very first friend.

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Sporting, Gun Dog

Pointer, Retriever, Spaniel or Setter

On water or land, he's a hunter's go-getter!

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Scruffy or smooth, placid he's not,

As fearless and faithful as Britain begot.

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Toy, Companion

A Toy is a toy, a companion and more,

He's a treasure, a joy, made just to adore

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Working, Guardian

A watchman at night, companion by day

Commanding in presence at work or at play

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Miscellaneous or Rare

Oh shower us not with gems so rare,

Just give us instead - a diamond with hair!

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