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Term Definition
8 Hour Job! High energy, needs high level mental and physical stimulation
AKC American Kennel Club
AKC and/or TKC Recognized by both Pedigree Registries organizations.
Aloof, Dignified Standoffish with strangers
Apartment Fits in smaller spaces with less outdoor exercise requirements
ARBA American Rare Breed Assoc.
Breeder One who is instrumental in the birth of any species
Daily Coat and/or eyes, wrinkles
Family Companion Suitable for all ages/visitors
FCI Federation Cynologique International
FCI and/or ARBA Pedigree registered in country of origin or a Rare breed.
Field, Farm Hunter, worker, or livestock
Giant Over 100 pounds
Grooming bathing, combing, brushing, body exam
Group Breeds "grouped" by usage and type
Handler One who conditions, trains, and presents a dog in competition
Happy/Playful Sunny friendly disposition
Herding, Pastoral Protects and/or controls split-hoof stock
Hound, Scent or Sighthound Ground scent or visual hunter - fur/feather
Judge One who selects dogs that most closely conform to written requirements
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