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Karen Becker, DVM is interesting and understandable in this video on why domestic carnivores like dogs and cats nibble, gobble and regurgitate grass.


Before livestock became domesticated, they ate like mustangs, moose, and goats... We demanded more speed (horses) and more edible meat and milk so today we feed grain and dried grass (hay) both of which have been adulterated with fertilizers, pesticides, and growth stimulators.


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The ii NetPlaces Network provides volumes of ii (Instant Information) on natural canine nutrition so watch the video and then get more Instant Information in ii Why Dogs Eat and Need Grass.


Also learn about Dog Safe Fruits and Veggies because although your dog is a meat eater, he still needs the partially digested vegetation he once got from the stomach of his prey, be it mouse or moose. Dogs are classified as carnivores but they are actually omnivores which is why many owners would argue their dog acts more like grass-eaters (herbivores) and loves fresh fruit!

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