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Dr. Karen Becker explains in video #1 why dogs eat grass and sheds some light on the motives behind this popular doggy behavior.


Learn what you can do if your dog eats grass often.  And then host Hank Green shares a look at your pup’s wild relatives which may give you a sense of what dogs’ diets are really like in video #2


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under 6 minutes


Expand your IQ with Instant Information - ii Why Dogs Eat and Need Grass and click for printable information on Dog Safe Fruits and Veggies because even though your dog is a meat eater you can still feed him vegetables and fruits for the enzymes and what are the most sprayed and toxic fruits and veggies!!


You may think dogs are classified as carnivores but they are actually omnivores that's why many owners would argue their dog acts more like grass-eaters (herbavores)...

just over 2 minutes

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