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YOU make an impossible climb with Navy Seal and dog aboard and hold your emotions as K-9 reunites with handler and a he-man soldier shares his itty bitty dog...


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You will struggle with the Navy Seal as he makes an impossible climb with "dog aboard"...


under 9 minutes


Saved Shelter Dogs Save Veterans - Warrior One places rescued dogs with PTSD veterans and the results are miraculous.

just under 5 minutes


K-9 Veteran Flown Home - Icar comes home from Iraq, saved by his former handler who meets him at the airport.

just under 3 minutes


My Buddy, My Pal, My Friend - Homemade video says it all about a brave, tough, he-man soldier … and his little dog.

2 1/2 minutes

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We hope these videos will have you asking yourself

Can Dogs Have PTSD? because Colonel Harper has answers.


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