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TheDogPlace uses sight and sound to expand articles, thereby enabling viewers to quickly absorb large amounts of information. Vaccine Induced Disease (VID) is spreading faster than a whippet can run!


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Unforgettable video and veterinary records prove widespread veterinary malpractice through unregulated over-vaccination resulting in vaccinosis.  Watch, learn and don't let this happen to your dog.


"Millions of people have lost their companion animals due to ignorance and/or callous disregard for animal health and the deleterious effects of unscientific, unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations."  Dr. Jordan


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In Part Two below, Dr. Jordan fearlessly shares with you how profit and power control pharmaceuticals.  Learn the astonishing extent to which J.P. Morgan and the Rockefellers went to prevent you from knowing the truth about vaccination risks. This Animal Talk Naturally video and Dr. Jordan's conversational delivery makes learning the ugly history and the current horror of vaccine a fascinating experience. When you see how vaccines affect DNA, the brain, and the immune system you'll want to send this to family members because every parent needs to know this!

13 min

For more VID information by Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTC, VH (including photos of injection site cancers) Vaccine Reaction Essay, learn from Adverse Vaccine Reactions and how Vaccinosis Death is caused by unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations.  Dr. Jordan, Dr. Schultz, Dr. Busby, and other animal-loving veterinarians are putting pets before profit. 


Watch additional VIDEOS by other vets based on the abuse of vaccinations.

Prescribing Death

Doctors educated and bribed by Big Pharma kill more people than cars!

Triple Revelation

Vaccinations, heartworm tests, and Lyme ripoffs, by Dr. James L. Busby.

Vaccine Titer Test

Dr. Ron Schultz explains how a simple new titer test can prevent vaccinosis.


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