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TheDogPlace video theater uses sight and sound to expand articles, thereby enabling viewers to quickly absorb large amounts of information.  Learn how good intentions go wrong when scientists use "radiation" as an excuse to try to change the weather.





No "conspiracy theory," the weird cloud formations and record-breaking weather phenomena are irrefutable evidence of geothermic engineering, so why do they deny it?


You know the old saying "give a little boy a big toy..."  That is what we've done.  See "engineering earth" and attempts at global climate modification.  It is clearly visible in the unnatural cloud formations you will see on this video. Good intentions (to protect us from radiation) gone wrong.  There was never a better time or reason to say "Seeing Is Believing". 


You can't explain the reasoning behind geothermal science to your friends and family.  Send them this video!  Complicated science becomes understandable when the conference speaker explains "Engineering Earth" to you.  This is what happens when we ignore the age-old warning "don't mess with mother nature!"  Can it be stopped?  Yes, but only if enough people know enough...


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Welcome to TheDogPlace Video TheaterAfter you've watched the CLOUDS video above, return to the Video Theater Lobby see what else is playing.  If you think geothermal engineering is "out there" we have a real eye-opener for you in the Denver International Airport video.


SEE why so much controversy surrounds what millions just hurry by.  It is right there but whoever "they" are knew that few of you would ever notice or if you did, you would fail to grasp the significance of the Denver airport's symbols, statues, and the underground "city" the size of Manhattan.


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