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You know her as The YouTube shooter but she defines the radical AR segment of society. Get quick facts, watch the videos and see some of your friends with new eyes.


Animal “rights” activist Nasim Aghdam, the YouTube headquarters shooter, killed one person and left 3 others injured before killing herself. The 39 year-old vegan had a YouTube video channel where she published against animal cruelty. According to NBC the YouTube shooter “complained the company (YouTube) was discriminating against her animal-rights and vegan videos.


The San Bruno police stated "at this time there is no evidence that the shooter knew the victims of this shooting.” The shooter said that YouTube censored her YouTube site.


TheDogPlace.org has always found YouTube to be very animal-friendly. Indeed there are countless anti-animal cruelty videos to be found there. The Animal Rights devotee’s premise, that animals have a “right” not to be tortured is inarguable.


The first 2 minute video is news coverage courtesy of CBS Los Angeles. Then view this heart-wrenchingly logical 4 minute video.  Then give us your take on Animal Rights and the YouTube shooter. (COMMENT below)


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about 2 minutes

Animal “rights” activist Nasim Aghdam YouTube video - "Animal Rights - A Universal Declaration".

4 min 43 seconds

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