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The World's Smartest Dog


Dr. John Pilley, the professor who educated Chaser the Border Collie, made history with a dog that became his most famous student. Seeing is believing in these TWO videos!


The professor passed away June 17, 2018 at age 89, taking his training secrets with him. Acknowledged as “more than a dog trainer” the retired professor of psychology at Wofford College (Spartanburg, SC) is not only famous among all professional dog trainers, he was an unsolved puzzle whose “technique” was un-copyable!


Watch the 6 minute video (below) and be amazed! See if you can pick up on cues that belie the powerful truth of what most dog trainers would refute but having studied this footage, you can no longer deny… Chaser understood more than 1,000 words {Ref #1} and this short video confirms that.


We’ve been miss-taught by professional dog trainers who say that dogs “can’t think” and the animal psychologists who would have us believe that animals can’t reason. They are all wrong! I trained dogs professionally and studied under Bill Koehler (the famous author and top Disney dog trainer) but I’ve never seen anything like what you are about to see.


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just over 6 minutes


Watch The Dog That Knows 1,000 words and be twice as amazed!

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