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TheDogPlace.org uses sight and sound to explain leg injuries or inherited defects such as patella, knee joint, and cruciate ligament problems resulting in lameness and pain.








Dr. Michael Bauer, DVM, DACVS of Colorado Canine Orthopedics discusses the diagnosis of canine Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears. Why palpation alone is inaccurate, X-rays can be helpful, but the best diagnostic tool is an arthroscopic examination.  It is extremely accurate and very non-invasive (great video example of healthy vs. torn).


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Most often seen in small breeds, it is generally inherited but can be the result of traumatic injury.

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Be sure to see Elbow and Hip Dysplasia video!  Diagnosis, X-rays, lameness explained and how you may be able to prevent or modify dysplasia in your dog.  There is much to learn and VIDEO Theater makes it easy!


Informative articles learning how to; prevent slipping patellas, popping hocks, elbow and hip dysplasia in a carnivore genetically programmed for sound joints and strong bones and learn more on Knee, Patella and leg injuries in toy dogs.

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